Friday, December 30, 2005

just to let you all know, my friends and I are having issues with settings up pictures in this blog. So... My magnificent friend, Lindsay, set-up a photobucket account for me.

This photobucket will have pictures of me, friends, family and many woofs. (Alos, places I have travelled)
So, for your viewing pleasure here is the url:


L^2 said...

Hi Jess & Jetta,
Hope you had a good Christmas. I just checked out some of your pictures. They are great! Jetta is so cute!!!

Sorry to hear you are having problems getting pictures onto your blog. I can tell you that the Blogger Images uploader thingy only publishes JPEG and GIF image file types, and it, along with many other Blogger features, doesn't work well with a couple of "less popular" types of web browsers.

If you can't ever get the Blogger Images thing to work, you could also try another free program called Hello by Picasa. Unlike some other programs I've used, both Hello and Blogger Images don't have a limit on the number of pictures you can add or the file sizes, since they don't store them anywhere. It just copies the file from your computer directly to your blog.

I used the Hello program for a long time without any problems when I first started my blog. However, it publishes each of your pictures into its own post on your blog. If you want more than one photo per post you have to do some code copying and editing, which I got tired of doing after a while, so I finally started trying to get the Blogger images thing to work for me.

Don't know if any of that will help you at all, but you can check the links if you want.

Happy New Year!!!

- Laura, Willow, & Stella

JuliaR said...

I also had "issues" with Blogger and photos so I opened a Flickr account. Then, since Flickr only allows 200 photos on the free account, I spent the $25US and haven't looked back. If you are interested, you can click on any of the recent photos I have posted on my blog and they will take you to Flickr where you can browse around.
Glad you are back! Happy new year!

Jess and Jetta said...

Thanks! Both you and Laura have been ahelp. We'll see what happens. Happy New Year!