Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas is one of mine and Jetta’s favourite times of the year. Being from northern Ontario, I love the snow-and I don’t just mean little sprinklings to make everything white. I mean lots of snow. Enough snow to get the snowmachines out, or go sliding on a hill, or a sleigh ride and be able to shove each other off. That is the kind of snow I am talking about.
Jetta loves it too. She bounds through it and prances around like a show horse. She likes rolling in it and burying her face. She also wouldn’t turn down a good game of catching snowballs. Her and Flash, my parents dog, chase each other and eat snow until they can barely move. (That is when I am actually home).
Wow I digress. I meant to make this entry about our Christmas decorating last night.
Hmm moving on.
Anyway, my roommates and I went out for supper last night to one of my favourite restaurants in Waterloo. Then we headed over to Star Bucks and picked up mint hot chocolate to quench our thirsts while decorating the house. When we got home we busted out the garland, stockings, angels, wreaths and whatever we could get our hands on that was Christmas. It took all of about an hour and a half with tons of laughs, some crazy dancing to Christmas tunes and, of course, mint hot chocolate.
I was put on front door duty. I hung red and gold garland around the window on the door and taped little gold reindeer to the panes of glass. A small wreath was hung in the middle pane for centrality and balance…don’t ask! I also climbed up on a kitchen chair and taped fake icicles to the door frame of our front entrance way. Slightly dangerous? I think not!
Carmen, my roommate, set to work on hanging garland and stars around the living room and writing in permanent marker the names of everyone on their respective stockings. Or, in the case of the kittens, their red and white mittens. Speaking of the kittens, they found great joy in chasing the decorations we dropped, or the crappy suction cups we tried to stick to the windows that kept popping off.
Christena, AKA Tenie, busied herself with more garland and angels and hammering nails into the brick wall of our kitchen to hang the stockings on…again don’t ask. When was all said and done-and the Christmas music had finished playing and our hot chocolate cups were empty-the house looked pretty festive. The best part was, when I took Jetta out for her night bathroom break, it had started snowing giant flakes; swirling in light fluff, painting the fence posts and trees in our front yard.
(Again, I digress…and get a little sentimental).
It was a blast. Thanks girls! And a much lighter topic than my sociology of sexuality essay I have been working on all day.


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Hi jess and Jetta! Velcome to da bloggin dog vorld!!!!!

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