Friday, September 05, 2014

Back to School

So, my program has started. I suspect that my blogs will probably be even more far and few between. Tuesday was my first day and I'm already super busy. At least, it feels super busy. I have a sneaking suspicion it will get way busier and I'll think this was a cake walk.
I think the biggest adjustment is just getting used to having to do things and staying on top of six classes various assignments/readings/lectures.
That said, I love it. So far, all but one professor are amazing and the topics are great. I'm in what the university has dubbed  the "foundational year" which means that I am taking my core courses. Starting next semester I'll get to pick a few electives and starting in the spring I will enter my "concentration year." This part of the program allows the student to specialise in a particular branch of social work. I've picked health with a subconcentration in elderly people. I have this really amazing professor though who teaches the military subconcentration and I've thought about switching my subconcentration just so I can learn some more from him. That is just how good he is. He makes me want to learn.
I have some time to decide though.
That said, I have to get used to thinking a lot and so I'm whipped. I know I'll build up a tolerance, but it's no wonder why I napped so much during my under Grad.
I've called it quits for the rest of tonight. So, I'm going to set this laptop down and be sleepy on the couch with my fuzzy creatures.

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pattib said...

We'll be thinking of you!