Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sneaky Kitty

If you had read my post about our newest family member, you will remember me saying that we were warned about Kira's escape artistry. When she was in the humane society, she used to escape out of the kitty room to go visit the rabbits.
Since coming home with us, after having been in the shelter for nearly three months, Kira has had a few attempted escapes. One of them caused her to stop and think because I accidentally closed her paw in the front door. We thought that this may have deterred her, but apparently the back sliding door isn't as scary as the front one that caught her paw.
Last night Mr. K and I walked over to the little park that is near our place to let the dogs run. Everyone really needed to burn off some energy. Hermione walked over off leash because she actually does better off leash than on and the other three were released once we arrived. They all ran hard and had a great time. They were obedient enough to take a time out to let two very little boys pet them all. Then, we went back home to have some supper.
I can't remember if it was before or after we ate, but at some point Roscoe needed out. They all had had quite a bit of water when we got back from their run. I think that's when our little sneaky kitty made her move.
I honestly don't know how long she was outside for, but when I was getting ready for bed, I ran down into the basement to feed the cats as I do every night. Rufio arrived on the scene, purring and rubbing on me in anticipation of his dinner. However, when I called Kira, she didn't show. After some calling and food bowl banging, Mr. K started searching the house.
And still no Kira.
I knew as we opened closet doors that hadn't been opened, just to make sure she hadn't magically been locked inside, that she was probably outside.
We've had her just shy of a month and I wondered if we had lost her. She was after all a stray cat who had spent nearly three months in a shelter. There was no saying what she would do.
I opened the back door and called her, banging her food bowl that was filled with kitty kibble. The dogs looming in the doorway behind me started letting out little woofs and I wondered that if perhaps she was out there and they could sort of see her. I didn't want them to scare her off if it was in fact her, so I closed the door and resumed my calling and food rattling.
She meowed.
I called again just in case I was hearing things and the meow came again, just much louder.
"She's out here." I called back into the house."But I don't know where."
Mr. K came out and I continued to call her name. She kept meowing back. Mr. K found her on the other side of our fence in our neighbour's yard. At first, she wouldn't let him pick her up, but when she finally did she climbed up his shoulder and tried to sit on his head. Once she was inside with the door firmly closed behind her, I ran down to her feeding station and she followed along happily. She had a few little burs stuck to her, but she was a bit too over stimulated from her little excursion that she wouldn't let me pull them off. I left her to eat in peace. I'd have to get the burs off in the morning.
I'm not sure how we lucked out to have two cats that answer to their names; especially since Kira has had her name for only a month. What's even more lucky for us is that not only do they come when called, but they both meow in response.
I know Kira was happy to be back inside last night. At 5 AM she started assaulting our bedroom door to get in to sleep with us. She and Rufio also had Kitten Olympics at some point last night too. She also scarfed down all of her food.
Now that we know that she isn't afraid of the back door, I'm going to have to be extra careful when opening and closing it. When I let the big dogs out I get Kira to go into the basement and close the door so that I know she won't sneak out under Nala or Roscoe's bellies. Kira is just a curious and active kitty, the two qualities that made us pick her, but it also means that we have a little mischievous soul on our hands.
At her next vet appointment, not only will Kira be given her yearly vaccinations, but she will be also getting microchipped.

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