Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. K

Yesterday was Mr. K's birthday. He said he didn't want a party so we didn't have one, but we did do a little celebrating.
We went out in the morning with Mom and Kim for breakfast. I picked a little cafe, but upon arrival and Mr. K reviewing the menu, it was evident that he wasn't going to eat anything there. There wasn't any meat! I should know my hubby better than that.
So, us girls finished our coffee and tried a second location with much better results. we were all very stuffed after consuming our breakfasts and more coffee.
After breakfast, Mom and I went for a walk with Hermione and Otis and then I snuck off to pick up Mr. K's cake. What is a birthday without cake? He loves ice cream cake so I got an Oreo cake from Dairy Queen. Oh, my goodness is it ever tasty. The rest of the afternoon was pretty quiet, but around 7 Tenie and her little sister arrived to pick us up to go out to dinner.
Originally, I had been wearing jeans and a nice top, but Tenie and her Mom both told me that I was to be wearing a dress. So, I had a few panicked moments, digging in my closet for something more appropriate. When we moved from Scotland back to Canada I can't tell you how much clothing we both left behind. A lot of my nicer "going out" clothes and fancy shoes were sacrificed for more practical, every day stuff. It was slightly painful, but really, I told myself that it was just stuff. I didn't know if I had anything to wear. However, after some rummaging I found a white dress I haven't even had the chance to wear before and my mini crisis was averted.
Dinner was fabulous. We went to a restaurant none of us had been to before and it surely didn't disappoint. The food was amazing and we all struggled to make a selection since there were so many yummy sounding options. Just when we thought we had decided, the server told us about more "featured" options available that night. There were eight of us in total and it took a minute to decide, but we finally all figured it out. There was much ordering of steak or seafood, but a pasta dish called "Chicken Supreme" caught my attention. I also had their featured drink of the night and then a glass of white wine that was from New Zealand. It was Heavenly, but when I heard what the price tag on the small glass was later in the evening, I nearly fell off my chair.
Twelve dollars?! Yikes!
Mr. K had steak and crab with some locally brewed beer. He also had ordered a smoked platter to start that had all kinds of tasty meat on it, like duck and salmon. It was so good we both said we'd go back to eat just that platter by itself.
By the end of the evening, we were all very full and felt as though we had certainly gotten our money's worth. That said, that restaurant is most definitely a special occasion kind of place; at least while we're both still on a student's budget. :)
Have you ever noticed that when it's time to celebrate all we do is eat?
Happy birthday, Sir. I hope you had a good B-Day.


pattib said...

I don't know...eating sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday! Happy birthday, Mr. K!

Kim C said...

I have to agree with Patti - eating is a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Breakfast was VERY yummy too!

Nicky said...

Please wish Mr. K a belated happy birthday from us and the dogs here in Ireland. I haven't been great in keeping up with blogs lately so that is why I am late. I still have nice memories of that caffay we all went to in Edinburgh and the nice time we had with you and the dogs. Hope life back in Canada is going well for you all.

Cheers, Nicky.