Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Lengthy Update

For some reason or another I haven't written in a while. Things have been just happening that are writing worthy, but every time i sat down to write, things just weren't coming out. I'm not sure this blog post is going to be all that eloquent either, but at least I get my update out.
First things' first: Rufio has been neutered. We had considered importing a "wife" for him, but the whole process was getting complicated and we decided that the money should be put somewhere else. So, our handsome man cat is recovering from his surgery. We opted for the laser surgery since it promotes faster healing and I'm glad we spent the extra cash. He is already jumping around and being a silly guy. We think he's still slightly loopy from the drugs, but I'm glad to see he's healing quickly.
In some other big news: I was accepted into a Master of Social Work program at the university where I got my under Grad degree from. I'm really excited. Not only is the program exactly what I've been looking for, but it means we'll be in an area I'm familiar with. Nala and I will be very independent women. ;)  This means another move for us, but this one will be a longer term one. Mr. K has plans of applying to a PhD program in the same area which will take him four years to complete.
We may have a house lined up already, but not totally sure. We found a place, but are still working out the details. We're both really hoping that this house works out. Cross your fingers for us.
Other than that, spring is finally here to stay; I think. I heard a robin this morning and the snow has been melting so fast off of the roof that it sounds like rain. Mom, the dogs and I went for a walk yesterday to enjoy the warmer temperatures and sunshine. We took a former ski trail-the tracks were completely gone. It was gorgeous. We did have a small scare when Nala jumped down a giant snow bank and ended up in some open water. I don't think she knew it was under the snow. Mom pulled her out, but not before Otis had followed Nala down. Mom managed to scoop him up too, resulting in some very wet feet. The water wasn't too deep for Nala, but the snow bank was so soft because of the thaw that she was having troubles climbing back up on to the packed path. Otis on the other hand, nearly gave us a heart attack since Frenchies can't swim. I am so investing in a life jacket for him. Otis promptly went back on leash for his safety. Nala seemed to learn her lesson and stayed closer to us and on the packed trail.
Kim, Kayla, Nala and I had a coffee date. Kim was kind enough to drive me to pick Rufio up from his neutering appointment and then we headed for coffee. We gabbed as usual and then stopped in at a local pet store. It was Roscoe's seventh birthday on Sunday and I wanted to get him a special present. One dog's birthday means presents for everyone because you can't very well buy yummy bones for one dog and not the others.
Happy birthday, handsome Roscoe.
So, that is about it in a nut shell: I'm university bound again, Roscoe turned seven, Rufio was neutered, spring might have finally reached the North and Nala is learning what lies under soft snow.

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torie said...

Wow i don't know how you can move so much. Talk about megga stressful. Are you staying in Canada?

Glad everything else is doing okay though :) xx