Tuesday, January 07, 2014

She's Two!

Happy second Barkday Her Royal Highness, Princess Hermione Sophia.
For some reason I thought she was turning three, but that is certainly not the case. Still, I can't believe she's two already. I had some grand plans for her birthday celebrations, however, the weather had other ideas.
There will be no free runs on Hermione's B-day thanks to the frigid temperatures, strong winds and crazy blowing snow. That said, there will most certainly be doggie birthday cake which she did invite one of her doggie friends over for. He politely declined as he gets nervous by other dogs. Poor little dude's been attacked twice and is still traumatised. So, she'll have to be satisfied with human company. Of course her other furry siblings are here too and so they shall partake in cake eating-once Mama gets off her butt and bakes it.
Even though we've been snowed in, Hermione's found her own entertainment for her birthday. She is currently attempting to murder the blowing snow through our glass slider. I tried putting her out, thinking that the hopping/pouncing/grumbling meant she really had to go, but she wanted right back in. Can't say I blame her-it's horrible out there. She keeps leaping into the air and whacking her front paws off of the glass in a desperate attempt to pin down the elusive, moving white stuff. Although she thinks this game is fun, I think I will have to put an end to it as every once in a while she lets out one of her surprisingly loud Spaniel barks and I'm sure the neighbours won't appreciate it...I don't appreciate it. So, in leu of snow murder, Mama will provide Peanut butter Kongs for all.
Grandma and Grandpa are supposed to come over later as well and Mama was supposed to go pick up Hermione's birthday present-most likely some Bully sticks-however, if the weather doesn't calm down, Hermione will have to be happy with peanut butter/banana birthday cake for now. The Bully sticks may have to wait for another, less blustery day.
With that, I better get those Kongs ready-the attempted snow murder game is getting even noisier.
Happy birthday, my little (strange and wonderful, slightly crazy), baby, princess.

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Dexter said...

Happy Birthday, little one. It is stupid cold out there. Hope we get some warmer weather soon.

Mango Momma