Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cookie Monster

I don't want to jinx it, but it would seem that my little doggie bakery may be getting off the ground. I've had a few orders placed for Christmas and I'm hoping that they will enjoy my products so much that they will tell their friends. Well, at least, hopefully the humans notice that their dogs like the treats and tell their human friends. The dog's enjoyment is of the utmost importance, but at the end of the day, it's the humans who deal with the money. ;)
This past Saturday, I participated in another vender show. To be honest, it was worse than the first one. I don't think it's a very good location. The turn out was awful. Mom helped me bake like a fiend Friday afternoon and evening after I had my tooth pulled and then she attended the show with me Saturday. A few people bought treats, some took cards and even one took a product list. However, I haven't heard from any of those people yet. I've gotten more business via word of mouth than anything else. I think there is value in going to the vender shows. I just think I need to find a different one in the future.
With all of that left over baking, my dogs will have treats until next Christmas. My policy is that I bake treats fresh upon ordering. So, all of the product I made is now for my beasties. I don't think they mind so much. It's gotten to the point where they know that I'm baking dog treats and we have to lock them out of the kitchen. If I use the kitchen table as a work surface, I have to pull all of the chairs away from the table or turn them backwards because Miss Hermione Sophia climbs on to the table and helps herself. Roscoe needs a bib because giant strings of drool fall out of his mouth the entire time I'm baking. Otis and Nala give me their best puppy dog eyes, but since I can't see those, they don't work on me. that's probably a good thing.
Aside from baking, I've been attempting to set up my Facebook page. Mr. K was amazing and set up the basic page for me while I was away in Alberta. Now, I just have to tweak bits and generate more audience. *Hint, hint, nudge, nudge*. We're even running a Christmas photo contest, with the winning pup hauling off a goody bag designed just for him or her. *hint hint, nudge nudge...again*. I'm not very technologically inclined, so figuring out things like how to post my products list has alluded me until today. I felt a pretty large amount of satisfaction when I finally hit "save changes" and my updated product list showed up on the page. Go me.
Just in case you want to check it out-no pressure of course-the website is:


Blogger doesn't let me post links with a screen reader anymore. So, sorry if it doesn't actually show up as a link.
I've certainly got a long way to go, but baby steps, right? Thankfully Mr. K took it upon himself to post photos of our Official Taste Testers (AKA, Hermione, Otis, Roscoe and Nala). I think there may even be a photo of Rufio up there too.
I certainly wouldn't be able to do this without the help of some great people. Mom's helped me at vender shows twice and Lindsay and Tenie helped with some of the prep for the first one. Mr. K's helped with prep too and he fixes all of my technology woes. And where would I be without my Official Taste Testers? Although, I think I'm doing the little fuzz butts more of a favor than they are for me. ;)

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