Friday, January 31, 2014

Arrived Safe nd Sound

Thankfully, our 9 hour drive is over and Nala and I are comfortably sprawled in our hotel room.
That's right. We're on the road.
Probably not. We all know I don't stay still well.
This morning, very bright and early I might add, Nala and I loaded up Coach T's van with our gear and headed out to the Para Nordic ski Nationals being held in Ottawa over this weekend. I am racing all three events which should be interesting. We start off with the sprint skate ski tomorrow afternoon. Again, it should be interesting. I've only skate skied four times and tomorrow I'm racing. Tee hee.
Nala was a pro on our very long trip. She slept most of the way and relieved whenever we stopped. She got me safely into bathrooms and found toilets for me and went back to snoozing when we got back into the van.
We all took a walk after unloading our stuff into our rooms and Nala had some much deserved supper. I was really impressed with her guiding. There were a lot of people to work through and some really blended curbs. She stopped at all of them. Coach T and I found a little pizza place and had supper. I had a little twinge of guilt as I ate my non-gluten/dairy free pizza. Mr. K is making a lifestyle change and it includes cutting out gluten and dairy. It's working wonders for him and I'm doing it right along side him for support. I don't know if it's in my head, but I feel gross now after eating the pizza. I think my body is confused, but finding gluten free food in restaurants is going to pose a problem. Regardless, the restaurant  made me smile when we went in because I totally felt like I was back in a university city. It was just the atmosphere of the place-too many tables crammed into a small space, music way too loud for dining was great.
Other than that, today hasn't been too eventful which I'm kind of grateful for. An uneventful drive is a good drive in my opinion.
I'm kind of glad racing isn't until tomorrow afternoon. It gives us the morning to putter around, eat a good breakfast and not feel rushed to get to the ski trails. In keeping of that theme of relaxation, that is exactly what I am off to do right now.
Good night, all.

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