Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doggie Downer

These days don't happen often for me. Most days, I think my dogs are the "bee's knees." They are my comfort, a source of laughs and companionship, but today...oh, today was not a good doggie day.
It's probably all my perception of things-technically I was feeling a bit temperamental-but they were driving me nuts.
The morning started off by Otis waking me up over and over again before five AM. It would appear that he could not find a comfortable position, so he decided that getting out of the covers, back under the covers, acting like he was going to puke on me and settling back on top of my legs was all a great idea. The final time he climbed back out of the blankets I gave up and went down to find myself some breakfast. It was 20 minutes after five and I wasn't appreciative of the hour. I ate a doughnut for breakfast-talk about succumbing to instant gratification-It still made me feel better. I like mornings, but I gave up 5 AM when I retired from swimming. It was a happy day when I realised I didn't have to be up at 4:30 to be on the pool deck a mere 45 minutes later. So, needless to say, I was not a happy camper.
The rest of the morning was fine. Everyone behaved nicely. Breakfast went off without a hitch and relieve time was good. After I fed them though, I decided that I needed to take a nap. I was supposed to ski in the afternoon and I was really feeling exhausted. So, I herded everyone upstairs and the doggie problems started again.
Otis wasn't so sure he wanted to nap. He did eventually settle in, but it was Hermione's turn to test my already thin and tired patience. She started off fine, but just as I fell asleep, she jumped off the bed and began squawking. She had had some water and although she had already been out, I ran her out again. I took Otis too since he seemed a bit shifty. He certainly had to go. Back upstairs, under the covers and Hermione hopped down again. In complete frustration, I let her out of the bedroom and went back to sleep. She started barking downstairs in the living room. Then, she wanted back in. Door open, enter princess we go to sleep.
After nap time, I send everyone out while I sucked my lunch down as fast as possible. I had missed my coach's phone call while trying to nap and I needed to be ready to go out skiing. Before that happened, however, a person from the CNIB (an organisation that provides various helpful and not so helpful services to blind people) stopped by to discuss my business plan with me. The whole time she was in our house, the dogs were ridiculous. They were jumping, whining, play fighting...I don't think I've ever seen them behave so badly. So, I opened the back door and sent them all out to battle outside. After a brief meeting, it was time to get quickly dressed for skiing. The dogs have learned that my ski clothes mean I'm leaving and Hermione was bouncing around like a crazy person squawking at the top of  her lungs. When my coach knocked on the door to announce his arrival, all Hell broke loose-barking, jumping twirling.
On top of the dogs' crazy antics, Rufio got in trouble too. He chewed through one of Mr. K's computer cords which didn't work until Mr. K performed some kind of crazy computer magic on it. Then, Sir Kitten decided that knocking one of my ferry statues on to the ground was a fun game. There are little shattered fairy bits sitting on my dresser now. I'm saving them to see if we can't glue it back together, but it looks pretty splintered.
When I got home from skiing the dogs were a bit better. Maybe it was because I was in a much better mood or perhaps they had made themselves tired acting like idiots when CNIB woman was here. I fed them dinner, put them out and although Hermione barked a bit when she was out there, it wasn't too bad. I know something is up because Nala and Roscoe were chasing each other around the yard like their butts were on fire. Our yard isn't very big and they normally don't run in it. I know they are due for a leash free run for sure which I'll have to make sure happens sooner rather than later. All I can say is that I'm thankful that they are all now  sleeping soundly in a puppy pile on the couch, with me squished in the middle.

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