Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Need a Nurse

It sucks when three out of eight family members are not well. I'm feeling like I've got the creeping crud coming on and Mr. K is suffering with full blown creeping crud. The poor guy has a heavy work load this term with two statistics courses plus two fourth year Psychology courses. Mom was nice enough to stop by and drop off some cold medicine and a few cans of chicken noodle soup. Since I slept all morning, I don't feel bad after eating some soup and guzzling almost an entire Britta pitcher full of water. Mr. K on the other hand, is still under the weather despite me drugging him. Not only are we both humans feeling a bit off, but our poor little French Pig is under the weather. He gave us quite the scare this morning.
Around 7 this morning, I was awakened by Otis constantly crawling around the bed. I thought that maybe he needed out really badly so I scooped him up and rushed downstairs and out into the backyard. He went quickly, but his legs were quivering and his breathing was quite labored; a concern for any dog, but even more so for a short nosed breed like the French Bulldog. I brought him back inside, thinking that he was shivering because it was cold out. We actually had snow fall today. However, the shaking didn't stop. As I was running everyone else out, he vomited. Mr. K cleaned it up only to have him puke again. I gave him a bit of water and he drank which made me less worried, but my concerns weren't waylaid. We put him back in bed where he continued to shiver, but it decreased slightly. His breathing still wasn't quite right either. Finally, I got out of bed and took him down into the living room, where I set up on the couch with blankets and a pillow. All I wanted to do was sleep because I felt awful, but I was too worried about the little guy. As I was running back upstairs to grab a pillow, he vomited again, but it was just bile. It appeared that the water he drank had absorbed somewhat. After cleaning that up, we curled up on the couch and Mr. K and I watched a few TV shows, waiting to see how Otis was doing. Slowly but surely, the shivering stopped and his breathing became less labored. It was not back to normal, but he was finally able to fall asleep. Eventually, I fell asleep on the couch, covered by dogs and a cat and Mr. K got some needed sleep upstairs.
Wen I finally woke up about four hours later, I ran everyone outside and Otis did his business; a good sign. I fed everyone, but didn't give him any food just in case it was an intestinal bug. Dogs can shiver when they are feeling nauseous and so we were hoping that was what was going on. I tried to give him a bit of water, but he wasn't interested. So, I scooped some of the chicken broth out of the soup I had eaten earlier and put it into a bowl for him. It wasn't much, but just enough to get some fluids into him and some nourishment. He wasn't sure at first, but eventually he drank it all. He's been shivers free for a few hours now and his breathing is back to normal, so we think it was a flu bug of some sort. You can tell he's tired, but I'll take that over the other stuff. He's now curled up on top of Roscoe snoring away and I think that's where we'll leave him until he wakes himself up.

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