Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Strange and Wonderful Spaniel Part: 367

Much of the K klan is on the mends. Otis recovered quite nicely and was his usual food motivated self today; much to mine and Mr. K's relief. I'm not too bad, but Mr. K seems to have been hit the hardest. He's currently upstairs napping off his creeping crud. Thankfully, none of the other dogs, thus far, haven't caught what Otis had and let's hope they don't. This means, of course, that Her Royal Highness Princess Hermione Sophia is as full of piss and vinegar as ever. Even more so when she pranced out into the backyard to discover that the grass was mostly hidden by some fluffy white stuff.
That's right-it has snowed in the Land of Ice and Snow. It had snowed yesterday morning too, but it didn't really last and Hermione Sophia didn't get to experience the joys of freshly fallen snow. However, the snow stayed much longer this morning and she couldn't stop asking to go out.
When we initially went out, she trotted out on to the steps and stopped and looked around. She then noticed that the stuff was falling from the sky and she began rushing about, attempting to eat the stuff on the ground while trying to catch the stuff coming from the sky. All of the other dogs were excited too. Otis made it his mission to eat his way through the snow and Roscoe and Nala started racing zoomies around our small yard. Long after everyone had run themselves, ore eaten themselves, silly, Hermione was still leaping into the air and digging.
I knew she'd like the snow, but she liked it even more than I thought. I thought her precious paws would be offended by the cold and wet, but none of that seemed to phase her. She ran zoomies, dug holes, rolled her face and played "snowflake murder," the way she does with leaves. She stayed out long after everyone else had come in and when she finally did decide to come in the house, it was only long enough to melt her snowy paws all over the house and go back out to accumulate more snowballs. There were only probably a few inches on the ground so I can't wait to see what she does when we actually get dumped on and get a few feet.
Somehow, I think she'll still be out there, catching snowflakes and digging holes; our little Snow Princess.

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