Tuesday, October 01, 2013


I'm starting to think we should play "Where's Waldo," but with me instead.
Can any of you guess where I am? (Shhhhh, those of you who already know).
It starts with "Ca" and ends with "nada."
Need another hint? :P
Probably not, eh? ;)
If you guessed that I'm back in the land of ice and snow, you are right. There were a whole lot of reasons for our move, yes move, but I won't bore you with all the details. Basically, we're living in my hometown now and have been for a week. We have a townhouse that seems like a palace in comparison to our wee flat in Scotland.  Everyone made the trip back with us and they are all enjoying the extra space too. We ran into a few glitches along the way which caused so much stress, but it all worked out. Brooke from "Ruled by Paws" and her husband, were kind enough to get the animals from the airport since they arrived in Canada before us. They kept Hermione, Otis and Rufio for three nights and returned them all smelling wonderful. The move back wouldn't have worked out without their help. My parents drove to Toronto and picked us all up and then dropped us off directly into our new home.
So, that's it in a nutshell. I have more to say, obviously, since this is such a huge change, but I figured I should at least start with us changing locations first.


Sheena Smith said...

welcome back !

Hawkeye BrownDog said...

Hi Y'all!

So glad y'all had a safe journey. Can't wait to hear more!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Nadja Leye-Shprintse Öberg said...

I wish you guys (both two legged and four pawed) lot of success back in Mrs. J's homeland! Have not you lived in Three countries now? What have been positive versus negative? I am interested in hearing your story! I am glad that you all arrived happily in the the land of Cold and snow!

torie said...

Oh dear I thought you were settled in scotland? I thought you were going to move to somewhere with a yard in scotland? I'm curious to hear more. xxx