Monday, September 16, 2013

A Mama "Oopsy."

Every once in a while our animals will suffer a Mama "oopsy." Sometimes it's just because I'm a human and make mistakes-like when I thought Hermione was being annoying and really actually had to pee-and other times I have what we have dubbed "blind moments." Blind moments are periods in time when something ridiculous happens because my eyeballs just don't work. One I can clearly remember from high school occurred on a choir trip.
Lindsay and I were sharing a room. She was on the top bunk and I was on the bottom. We woke one morning and began dressing for the day. I had managed to get myself fully dressed, but was missing one sock. It was early and I was grumpily grumbling about not being able to find my sock. My grumblings eventually turned into ranting and Lindsay mercifully stuck her head over the side of the bunk bed to say,
"Jess, your sock is in your lap."
That, my friend, is a classic "blind moment."
Well, last night I had a blind moment and Rufio got caught up in it.
To begin with, you should know that our bedroom doesn't close properly. It's annoying. The animals can push it open whenever they please and frolic about in there. We try to limit the bedroom to "sleeping time" and not "going wild" time. So, if I hear them in there I shoo them out. I have also taken to locking Hermione's crate because Otis fancies peeing in her bed. It's the only place he does it and we think he's marking. Can we say, "neutering time?" Anyway, someone had broken into the bedroom and so I rushed in, chasing everyone out and returning to lock Hermione's crate. I didn't check inside: I never do.
The evening passed by and eventually it was last relieve time of the night. As I came back in from taking Hermione and Otis out, my nose picked up an awful smell coming from our bedroom. I was upset to say the least. I knew right away it was the cat. Hermione and Otis had just done their business outside and kitten poop has a particular smell. Mr. K went into investigate while I took the rest of the dogs out. When I got back in with Nala he said,
"In Rufio's defense..."
Turns out, I locked him in Hermione's crate. I have no idea how long he was in there for. I can't remember what time I locked the crate at. How ever long it was, he finally had to go. You really can't blame the guy. He even buried it in the blankets like a good kitten. Mr. K had found him when he went in to find the source of the smell. Rufio had meowed at him and it took Mr. K a few minutes to realise where the cat was.
The crate was promptly cleaned and the blankets thrown into the washing machine. Thankfully Hermione had an extra bed so she had somewhere to sleep.
So, what's the moral of this story?
Check things before they are locked  for wee kittens.

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Nadja Leye-Shprintse Öberg said...

Poor Rufio! It isn't easy to have a blind mum sometimes! I hope you gave him a lot of love!