Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rufacus Maximus

I knew it wouldn't be long before our newest family member would be given his very own nickname. We can't seem to name our animals one thing and stick to it. But, I think this one is quite fitting. Well, I suppose they are all fitting, but let me explain why Rufio is sometimes fondly called "Rufacus Maximus."
I don't know if you have ever seen Siberian cats, but they are big. Most domesticated cats won't ever reach 20 LBS and be healthy, but the Siberians do. Rufio is nearly six months old and he is basically the size of a regular cat. Of course he's not quite filled out yet and very much looks like a gangly teenager, but the length of his body and height is basically that of a full grown cat. Hence, the "Maximus" part.
Rufio has also discovered that he is a great hunter. Siberians are known for their jumping abilities. The way their hind legs are designed in relation to their front legs, means that these cats, despite their larger size, can jump great heights. Rufio can jump clear off the floor and land on the kitchen counter that is higher than my waist; much to our dismay. He's been able to do that for a while now, but recently he's become more coordinated and his put his great jumping skills to work.
In the UK windows dont' come with screens to keep creep crawlies out. At first when we moved here I couldn't understand why, but now I do. Because most of the buildings are historical it is impossible to make standard screens that fit all windows. If companies had to make screens, they would not be able to keep up with the customization of it all. Not to mention, i they could the price o the things would be astronomical. So, when you actually get warm weather in Scotland and you have to open yoru windows, be prepared for little visitors to fly in. These visitors usually drive Hermione crazy. Her little Spaniel instincts kick in and she hunts the bugs down. The problem is that they all flew just out of her reach. Now however, Hermione does not have to be teased by the pesky flyers any longer. Rufacus Maximus is on the job.
Last night, Rufio was lying on the couch with Mr. K while Mr. K talked to his mom on the phone. As per the normal recently, our living room window was open and a giant moth that could potentially make off with someone's small child flew in the window. I dont' know why but moths freak me out. They're harmless sure, but they're all fluttery and they run into you...and....eeeewwwww!
Well, Rufio spotted this new intruder and instead of stalking it around the room, trying to swipe it unsuccessfully out of the air, he leapt off the couch from a lying position and snagged the unsuspecting victim straight out of the air. Now that is some mad hunting/jumping skill. Hermione had gone to bed with me by that point, otherwise I think she would have finished the job on the ground. Since she wasn't around, Rufio promptly murdered and devoured the moth and went back to snuggling with Mr. K on the couch. I think our days of rogue bugs are over.
So, you see. Not only does Rufio's size, but his blood thirsty, bug murdering skills make him appropriately nicknamed Rufacus.

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