Friday, August 09, 2013

Bad Blogger

It always seems like the summer months my blogging regularity drops off. I've looked back over the history of this blog and it's the same nearly every single year. I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's the nice weather that keeps me outside as opposed to tied to my laptop or maybe life is just busier in the summer. Whatever it is, it's been much too long since I last wrote.
I'm a bad blogger.
So, what's been happening?
Well, first thing is first: Mr. K came home from the hospital, but we still have no idea what's going on. He's still uncomfortable, but we're waiting for some test results to come back. Hopefully, we'll know soon and the poor guy can get some help.
Massaging is going great. I don't have a huge client base yet, but I've had a few repeat clients and my hot stone kit arrived this week. That means I can start giving people hot stone massages. If I could massage myself with the things I would. If you've never had a hot stone massage, might I suggest you get one. If done properly, they are the most Heavenly thing; even better than chocolate. I'm really enjoying the work and the treatment room is perfect. It is a bit small, but it's not any smaller than the cubicles we had to use in massage college.
Nala's a super star too. She just lies in her spot during the whole massage and doesn't move. Every once in a while the quiet is interrupted by one of her big sighs, but it sounds like a sigh of relaxation and not boredom. We walk to and from work and it's about 2.5 miles each way. We both enjoy the walk and she, of course, is a superstar in that arena as well. She finds poles so I can cross, ignores dogs, navigates obstacles and somehow gets around all of the construction that seems to be constantly everywhere.
As for the rest of the fuzzies: everyone is good. Otis has discovered that he's a boy dog and so we are thinking that the big "snip, snip" is in order. He's fine most of the time, but honestly, a day before and after the full moon and he's a complete nut. He follows Hermione around, drooling all over her fur and trying to woo her. She's certainly not interested. Not to mention, she's fixed.
Rufio is growing up so fast. He turns six months in about a week and it's amazing how big he's gotten. His colouring is really starting to show and you can see all of the pretty highlights he has. He's getting a bit cheeky though and we suspect he's moving into a sort of teenagerish stage.
Roscoe and Hermione are good too. We've talked about taking Hermione to be trimmed. I had originally thought that I didn't want her fur cut because once you cut it you will always have to cut it, but she's got some wild hair. She's really good about letting me brush her out, but as soon as I get close to the feathers on her back legs, she leaves. Since she doesn't let me brush those out, they are in desperate need of some cleaning up. She has little mats starting and that's the last thing we want her to have. She's also become a lot more affectionate as of late. We don't know if it's because she knows Mr. K's not feeling well or what it is, but she's much more attentive.
The old man of the house is still here, keeping everyone in line. He and Nala play a lot and if I take them both running together, Nala makes sure she exercises Roscoe. If he stops to sniff a bush or eat grass, she comes flying up behind him and starts chasing him. The two have actually become good  companions for one another. just the other morning I accidentally locked Nala in the bedroom and she barked once to let me know she was trapped. Roscoe sprung off the couch and began racing back and forth between the bedroom and living room, grumbling under his breath until I let her out. It's nice to see them getting along.
As for me: my dissertation is coming along. I've got a few participants now and an extension so I think it's doable. I've started enjoying writing it again. So, that is good. I also had my thirtieth birthday on Saturday. The funny thing is, I really don't feel any different. We were talking about 30 and how some people freak out, but for me it's sort of to the point in life where it's more about the life stage you're in than the number of years. I seem to be perpetually stuck in the "student" life stage, but hey, education is good right? We also talked about how some people have years that they'd like to go back to because they were good years. At one point in my life I felt like that. I really wanted to go back to the three years I spent at the school for the blind because I felt like those were my "glory days," but now, I don't want to go back to any year. There are so many years ahead with their own adventures that I don't really need to go backwards; forward is good for me.
That's about it really. Since I left this for so long, I'm sure there's way more I could write, but I think I hit the main points. I won't make any promises of writing more often, since those never seem to get met, but I definitely won't abandon this blog. I'm sure when the weather turns colder and I'm stuck inside instead of out in the sunshine, I'll write more often.

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M.J said...

Happy birthday to you for a few Saturdays ago. I also turned 30 back in july and have had a similar reaction to you on the whole turning the big 30. I had a blast and student life is good to. Glad the massage is going well. It's an area I trained in but have struggled to find work so good for you starting up your own treatment room. I hope it continues to go well. And love to all the animals. Love hearing about all of their adventures.
Marie :) x