Friday, August 30, 2013

My Strange and wonderful Spaniel Part: 747

It's been quite a while since we've had an installment from the Strange and Wonderful Spaniel series. It's not that she hasn't done anything strange and/or wonderful, it's just there's been so much going on that I keep forgetting to write it down. So, what has the little fluffy nut been up to that warrants a Strange and Wonderful Spaniel segment?
Hermione Sophia is a girl. We all know that right? She knows that. She acts very prissy and I'm pretty sure if she were a human, she'd be one of those little girls who always wore frilly pink dresses. She'd probably want to be in beauty pageants too or a ballerina. That way, everyone could admire her beautifulness and grace.
Also as a testament to her girliness, all unaltered boy dogs are very interested in her. She's spayed, but for some reason she attracts them. Do you remember Joey? We saw him at the park the other night and he was doing his bestest to woo the ever unwooable Hermione Sophia. We've also come across this miniature Poodle named Shadow who is absolutely smitten with her. It got so bad I had to leash her and run away. His mom wouldn't take a hint. But, that's not the point of this post.
My point is that, Hermione is undoubtedly a girl and a girlie, princess girl at that.
However, she's developed this strange habit that makes me shake my head every time she does it.
Does everyone remember the struggle I had potty training Hermione? I think there are a lot of reasons for that, but that's for another day. Well, thankfully, she's completely house trained and always lets me know by yelling at me, that she has to go out. I'm so proud of her figuring out that she needs to be verbal that the yelling doesn't even irritate me. I don't know how she figured out that "woof woof" means mom will take me out, but she did and she is quite insistent about it. She won't stop "woof woofing" until I get off my butt and take her out.
We moved in stages from not saying anything at all and just peeing to woofing and if mom ignores my first woof then I pee. To then, woofing until mom gets the stinking picture and she takes me out. It took me a while to figure out her signals because Hermione can be quite a vocal dog and it was difficult for me to understand that she wasn't barking because she wanted a toy that was under the couch.
Anyway, now that we have our communication sorted-well, now that I understand her-she does her business outside. This, is not her strange behavior. It's a wonderful behavior I suppose. Since she's figured out a way to tell her blind mom that she needs out, but the strange part is that...
she lifts her leg when she pees.
I'm not talking kind of pulls it out of the way or leans sideways. She literally cocks her leg like a boy and pees. My boy dogs don't even do this. Okay, Roscoe has started lifting his leg more recently, but Otis doesn't and he's not even neutered yet.
I don't know where she learned this behavior since, as I just said, the boys don't really do it. Maybe she does it to move her beautiful feathers out of the way? I've seen her cock her leg when she's pointing at a bird or even an insect, but it's just been in the last two months or so that she consistently lifts her leg when peeing. I suppose I'll never know why, but it's just one of the reasons why she is my strange and wonderful Spaniel.

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