Monday, August 26, 2013

Attempted R and R

I now realise why spas make so much stinking money. I've always loved going to the spa, but figured if I can make my own soaks and wraps, then I should just do them for myself. Sure, there's something to be said for a nice massage which you can't give yourself, but massage college ruined me for massages. I'm really picky now about massages because I know too much and I'm afraid to spend money on something I'm going to hate for an entire hour. So, I've just steered away from them since graduating. However, I've always enjoyed a nice long bath with smelly things in the water-good smelly, not Nala rolled n fox poop smelly-or just soaking my feet.
When Tenie used to live nearby, wherever we lived, we used to do "feeties" once a week or so. This meant, feet soaking, nail painting, foot massaging it was great. ever since she's left, I don't really have a "feeties" partner anymore. Carmen paints my toes, but the rest just isn't a part of it any longer.
I've been having this painful nagging in my right foot for some time now and really need to look after it. A massage is probably in order, but that just isn't going to happen any time soon since we have to worry about dog yearly vaccinations and such right now. I've been using one of Hermione's unused tennis balls to roll my foot on and it's helped, but if I do any amount of walking, the foot hurts something fierce especially the next day. These are all symptoms that Plantarfascitis-definitely  spelled that wrong- starting and that is the last thing anyone wants or needs. So, after a day full of walking and one client yesterday, I decided that I needed to bust out my giant mixing bowl and soak my feet in Epson salt. If you've never used Epson, salt I strongly suggest you go out and buy yourself some. There are so many amazing things you can do with Epson salt and its healing properties are unbelievable.
I  got to work assembling the things I would need for a luxurious foot soak giant bowl full of hot water, Epson and Dead sea salts, essential oil of my choice (last night I chose cinnamon) and a towel to cover the floor. There always tends to be splashing no matter how careful I try to be. While the bowl was filling I laid the towel out in front of the spot where I wanted to sit. Just as I turned around to head back into the kitchen to check on my hot water situation, Nala promptly began circling as if to lie down on the fluffy towel. I told her to "off" pointed to the "dog couch," said "bed" and she hopped up. Not three seconds after I left the living room, she had gone back and sprawled out. I eventually convinced her that the dog couch was much more comfortable.
Once the water was hot enough an the bowl was full, I grabbed a wooden spoon and began stirring the rest of my "ingredients" into the water. I wasn't gone long and really "gone" doesn't really describe anything. Our kitchen is practically the same room as our living room and is this tiny space that only one person can stand in. I walked back out into the living room, bowl in hands, and found that my towel was missing. I returned the bowl to the kitchen and checked the living room rug and found that Otis had scrunched it up so he could sleep on it. I moved him off and put the towel back down and went back to get my foot soak. Upon arrival  back in my spot, I discovered that the towel  had vanished again. Back to put the water on the counter and back to find the towel being used as a death shaking toy for Hermione.  Removal of towel, return to spot, get bowl and practically run back to the towel, praying that I wouldn't dump the water. Thankfully, on this third attempt, my towel was where it was supposed to be an I was able to set the bowl down. However, Nala soon decided that I had lied about the dog couch and that she wanted to lay on my feet.
Problem was, my feet were currently occupied. So, she flopped down as much on the towel as possible and leaned her entire weight into the bowl. I had horrific visions of hot water and essential oil sloshing all over her, but thankfully, the water stayed contained.
I spent the next little while with feet soaking, Nala snoring pressed up against the bowl and the rest of the dogs snoozing away. It turned out to be a relaxing time, but the effort to get there was ridiculous.
I can now see why people go out of their homes and pay for someone else to do these things for them. I may not have kids, but my dogs serve just as well. My feet feel so much better and I'll have to soak them again tonight, but I think I may just use the bath tub this time.
Then again, Otis and Rufio like baths, maybe they'll get in there with me.

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Dexter said...

I found a massage therapist who is magical. She can tell without any words from me what needs attention on a weekly basis. Not to mention that my mental health gets a massage too. However, it can run into some significant dollars and the search for a good therapist involved some rather painful sessions with what I would consider hacks.

Your at home remedy sounds great. If it makes you feel better mentally and physically, then it's worth the effort.

Mango Momma