Friday, June 07, 2013

Nala the Exploer and Ranger Roscoe

It turned out to be another great day here today. This morning when Carmen and I went for a run, it was overcast and a bit cool. We were both sure that it would rain and I was glad that Hermione accompanied us on our 3 mile run. She is still probably the most high energy out of all of the dogs and if she doesn't get out every day, she can be a holy terror. I got home showered and then Mr. K and I wandered over to the cafe for an early lunch. Nala did a good job working over, but it really isn't a very far walk and doesn't really challenge her in terms of working. So, I decided that we'd get out later in the day, even if it was raining, to get some more work in. However, after lunch I was sleep, perhaps it was the run or perhaps it was the split pea mint soup with half a sandwich, but I fell into a deep sleep on the couch; snuggled under the blankets with Hermione and Otis both asleep on my feet. I didn't sleep long, but it must have been a good sleep because when I woke up, I was ready to go again.
I really should have stayed home and washed the giant pile of dishes growing in my kitchen. I swear they must procreate over night. Instead, I texted Carmen to ask if she wanted to go on a walk. I figured that since Hermione had already been out earlier that we'd take Roscoe and Nala would work. We discussed different destinations, but settled on exploring an area that we've never ben too despite it being less than a ten minute walk from my flat.
Both dogs were pretty excited as we exited the flat, but both sat patiently waiting for Carmen's arrival. Once we set off, the excitement got the better of them and Roscoe was pulling strongly on his lead and Nala was yanking my arm out of the socket. We had them sit, readjusted some gear and set off again, with some better results. They were still excited, but I think they needed a small time out to re-focus.
Normally, we go down to the cycling path and walk along there. There is over 45 kilometres of trail and we've obviously haven't been anywhere near discovering all of its hidden treasures. However, I wanted a change of scenery. The night before we had been out walking the dogs and run into a lot of rude people. Cyclists were speeding up on purpose when they got close to the dogs and other pedestrians who had their dogs off leash would have a freak fit if my dogs sniffed theirs; even if theirs initiated the greeting. So, I suggested we walk out to the lighthouse that is nearby instead and see where the path took us.
The first part of our walk took us along some residential streets and then out on to a small water front area where there are a few restaurants facing a small bay. We walked along the water, enjoying the sunshine and the smells of sea water and delicious food cooking. Nala was great pausing at curbs, stairs and any other surface changes that came up. Even if Carmen crossed a street, she waited for me to give her "forward" cue before stepping off the curb. This indicated to me that she was listening to me and paying attention to her job.
After a brief tour of the water front, we turned down a gravel path and followed it along. The water was still beside us and it was nice listening to the waves crashing on the shore. There is an entrance from this path into the gym that I go to and Nala tried to take me there even though we've never walked this particular route before. What a smart little cookie.
 Eventually our walk took us into a large green space with barbecues. There were already a few people setting up to picnic so we didn't unleash the dogs, but we did meet one woman walking her dog who said that she free runs her dog in that area all of the time.
I'm shocked we've never been there before. It's cyclist free and clean. The only thing you would have to be aware of was the barbecues, but if you went during certain times of the day I am sure picnics would be few and far between. The woman also told us that when the castle sets off fireworks you can see them from that spot and a lot of people gather there to watch.
Again, why haven't we found this spot before?
I definitely think it's a place we'll make an effort to visit again with our own picnic and some, probably, very excited dogs.
After our meander around, Carmen and I decided that we weren't quite finished being out and about. So, we headed to a dog friendly pub that sits facing the water. There is a patio outside as well which we originally thought to sit at, but quickly moved indoors when we realised that the smokers were all congregating out there. We sat at a small table in a part of the pub called the "conservatory" because the sun shines in strongly there and the staff brought Nala the Explorer and Ranger Roscoe some much needed water. Carmen and I opted for a glass of wine since it is Friday after all and shared a plate of toasted pita bread and humus. I only ordered the small glass since I hadn't eaten since lunch, but when I stood up I realised that I should have had dinner before my glass of wine. I followed carmen up to the counter to pay, where Nala and Roscoe were both offered a dog cookie, and could hardly follow Nala's guiding movements. I certainly wasn't drunk, but I certainly was buzzed.
How on Earth did that happen?
I'm not a huge drinker and it's been a while since I've had an alcoholic beverage, but seriously?! Half of a glass of wine and I think I was tottering about. I can actually drink quite a bit before feeling it at all and so it was shocking. I told Carmen she had to guide me home and her response was:
"Who's going to guide me?"
Apparently, the wine had hit her hard too.
"It'll be the drunk leading the drunk blind."
The buzz had thankfully pretty much worn off by the time we walked home. I was glad since I had four dogs to feed and relieve still and I didn't want to be floundering about down on the cycling trail trying to get my dogs to "park," or "busy busy," or "potty..." whatever their command may be to get their business done.
So, what was the moral of today's story?
Exploring good and so is drinking wine, but only if you have someone else who is drunk to guide the drunk blind person home.

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