Monday, June 03, 2013

I'm a Chatter

There's no denying it: I can talk. When I first meet someone the same can't be said as I'm pretty shy, but once I get to know you, good luck getting me to shut up. Maybe that's why I like to write so much: I like to blab. I've always known that I'm a talker, but today I was interviewed by a magazine that wants the story of how Mr. K and I met and details of our small farm. I think I talked that poor woman's ear off. I never know what to say when someone is interviewing me.
When I was swimming, I used to think of some of the questions I'd get asked and prepare some answers just to keep me on topic. It usually worked. I also used to do this to make sure I didn't forget to thank someone who really deserved recognition, but these sort of "life" interviews get me all turned around. I don't know what's important or what is necessary, so I just end up blabbing on and on and on. I'm hoping the writer doesn't think I'm a crazy yapping dog lady.
On the other hand, I suppose she did ask the questions.
She's supposed to call me and read the story to me before publishing it. I'm interested to see what makes it into the story and what doesn't. All of this yapping has really reiterated to me that I really need to write a book. But, as I've expressed before, I have no idea where to start or what aspects to write about. It was like every time she asked me a question, story after story poured out; way too many to write in a magazine article. Way too many!
I talked to her for probably an hour and we didn't even touch on the sporting aspect of my life; living as a  blind person (which was kind of nice actually); or navigating through three degrees. Not that university careers are something to write a book about necessarily. That just brings me back to what would I write about and how would I structure it?
Perhaps I have to stop looking at it from the perspective of "who will read it?", to: "I'm writing for my friends and family and me and if someone else likes it, then great."
Either way, I have to stop yammering on about writing a book and just do it. :)

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