Sunday, September 30, 2012

Complete Chaos

I know I promised an update only the next day after I announced Flick's arrival, but life has just been a complete whirlwind since my last post. With university reading/assignments, classes, accessibility meetings and so much more, I've hardly had time to do every day things like get my laundry done. So, what has been going on? Perhaps I should write this week's goings on in installments. Otherwise, you would have to hunker down with at least a pot of coffee and maybe a whole day's worth of sandwiches.
Where do I start? Let's begin even before we knew Flick was coming to live with us.
Probably about two weeks ago now, maybe even more, Mr. K and I met a little French Bulldog named Stanley. He was the coolest little guy with a great personality and he loved Mr. K and  Mr. K was smitten, but upon researching breeders, we quickly realised that French Bulldogs were very much out of our price range. So, that was that...or so we thought.
After not hearing from the rescue that had originally said that they may have a Hound for us, I began to think that we were out of luck with regards to fostering Greyhounds. I could completely understand where they were coming from, knowing that Greyhounds are sight hounds and most would certainly feel the need to chase Hermione. Last Friday I was browsing the internet, as I do, and came across a French Bulldog breeder that I hadn't seen in my prior searches. I liked the name of her "kennel" and so examined her website. Again, Mr. K and I were smitten, but were quite aware that we could never afford one. Okay, perhaps "never" is a strong word, but it would be something we'd have to save up for for a while. I told Mr. K that she had two puppies available and he told me to call her. I didn't want to, knowing that we'd have to save for a pup. I didn't want to call, ask how much her puppies were and then say "thank you very much" and hang up. I felt awkward.
It was at that moment that Hermione decided she needed to go out. So, I took her out and while I was gone, Mr. K called the breeder. He still doesn't know why. He just did and asked her about the male that she had available.
When I came in I could hear him talking to someone on the phone and quickly realised, by what he was saying, that he had contacted the breeder. She and Mr. K had a long chat and he finished the conversation with,
"let me talk to my wife and we'll get back to you tonight."
I was stunned.
Talk about what?! We couldn't afford one of her puppies, I was sure of it.
It turns out though, that we could afford this little guy.
French Kisses Mr. Sky Blue, his KC registered name, has a low grade heart murmur. Because of this, the breeder wasn't selling him. She was going to either keep him, or "give him to a five star home." She invited us to her home to meet Mr. Sky Blue, his parents and grandparents and also to get to know us. She basically said that if we all got along that we could take Mr. Sky Blue home with us.
Again, I was stunned.
So, the short of it is that Mr. K and I  hopped on a train this past Sunday to meet the breeder, her family and all of her dogs. We met Mr. Sky Blue and immediately fell in love with the smushed, wrinkled face and his snuffing. We met his parents and his grandma and were impressed by the dogs. We were also amazed at how professional, friendly and knowledgeable Mr. Sky Blue's breeder was. Apparently she liked us too because she said that we could take the puppy home.
It was with great excitement that we boarded the train with our new little bundle of joy. The breeder provided us with everything we could ever want, including collar/leash set, great amounts of food, bowl, blanket, a toy, chews, his paperwork and much more. Mr. Sky Blue even came microchipped and with both sets of vaccinations. She is truly incredible and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in French Bulldogs. She also breeds another dog and those were also beautiful dogs.
When we arrived at home, we introduced Hermione and Roscoe to the new addition down on the cycle path, where everyone could run about and get their sniffing in. It was love at first sight for Mr. Sky Blue when he met Hermione and the two have been best friends for the past week. They play together and even curl up with one another for naps. I was a bit worried about Hermione since she is the Queen "B with an itch " around here, but she took to him without any issues.
Mr. K and I had both agreed on "no more puppies," but somehow this little guy found his way into our lives.
So what did we call the little dude?
We threw around a few names, but Otis seems to be the winner. His breeder really liked that one for him and so it has stuck.
Honestly, I don't regret a thing; at least, not with him.
Stay tuned for the next installment of "Jess's life gone mad because she doesn't know how to say no."


Mango Momma said...

Oh dear. You certainly are a bundle of energy yourself. But I think that two young dogs will be less work in many ways. If they love each other and tear around the house, they will wear each other out. French Bulldogs are reputed to be wonderful little dogs. I look forward to the next installment.

Mango Momma

The Websters said...

So happy for your family!