Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School

Yesterday was my first day back at school in just over two years. My MSc Performance Psychology course will run from September 2012 until August 2013 when I turn in my dissertation.  It was such a weird feeling to pack up my laptop bag and head off. Settling down into the little squishy desks was a familiar feeling and sitting through two hour lectures was also very familiar. Despite the cramped, uncomfortable desks,  I love it.
Monday night's class is Understanding Research Methods, another familiar thing. This will be the fifth research course I've taken over my university/college career, but I am thinking it will be a welcome refresher.
Today was a bit of a longer day with two classes, each running two hours with a two hour break in between. This means I leave the flat at 1 and don't get back until closer to nine, but again, both classes are interesting and I am really enjoying the content so far.
My only issue has been navigating the campus. Tenie had run me through the various buildings once when the head of the program gave us a tour, but I think I probably should have gone a few more times. Thankfully, Mr. K has been amazing, and since he still has the only  working guide dog, in our family he accompanied me these past two days and helped me find where I needed to go. "Two heads are better than one." I know today was a long day for him as he had to sit and wait through the two classes. I can't fully  express how much I appreciate his help. We really are in this together.
As for the work load, there seems to be quite a bit of reading, so I think Hermione and I will be spending a few hours a day holed up in the local cafe, drinking coffee and reading. Hermione will be sitting in the front window people watching. My instructor tonight suggested that we should be spending about nine hours a week on each class. To be honest, I'm not sure if he's going to get that many out of me, but I'll give it my best shot. That is a lot of time as a sighted person, imagine trying to do all of that listening to a screen reader yammering on at you. Completing course work takes at least half as long for a blind student as it does for a sighted student. Nine hours a class could very easily turn into closer to eighteen. I know the blind folk going to law school would probably mock my aversion to 27, or in blind time 60ish, hours a week of class work, but that is why I'm not in law school. That, and I'd be a horrible lawyer.
 I have one paper due in my Performance Planning class in twelve weeks that is 4000 words and another 1000 word paper for the Stress, Anxiety and Coping class. Plus, other various assignments and another larger paper. It's really not that bad and since it's a subject I enjoy, I think it will be easy to get it all done.
So, with a fairly long day behind me and a lot of reading/writing to do tomorrow, I think I shall "hit the hay," as they say.
Good night, all.
PS: We got another update with regards to our potential foster pup today. We were told her name, but I will keep that a surprise just in case she gets to move in with us.  She is a small female who is still in kennels and she is being small dog tested this week. If she is classified as "trainable" she will be moving in and I am so excited. So, keep your fingers crossed that F**** will come to be our first foster hound. Any guesses as to what her name may be?


sheenazzy said...

Happy back to school!

Finn said...

Fiona???? That's my guess. Good luck with your classes!!!

Jenny said...

That course sounds really interesting. It sounds like a lot of work, but your not afraid of hard work so I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck with it all.