Friday, May 11, 2012

Lost for Words

Have you ever felt like your thoughts or words just won't come out or lacked the motivation to put things into writing? Or, perhaps you've felt like whatever you have to say just isn't interesting or worth writing down?
I've sort of felt like this the last week or so. I'm not really sure why. I've had a few things I could write about, but for some reason, every time I start writing I end up deleting the draught and just not bothering. I haven't even updated my Facebook status in over a week.
Like I said, there doesn't seem to be a particular reason. I've been busy and probably could write a whole bunch just on one day's happenings, but it just won't come out. Even now, it seems like I am repeating myself.
I think part of it is that Mr. K's been really busy trying to get his last assignments finished for this term. That means, Glacier, Hermione and I have been spending very little time at home so that the flat is quiet for him. I've taken my lap top with me, but most of the time I don't even take it out.
I've been working away at the fleece tugs that I'm making to raise funds for Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland and have attempted a few dog cookie recipes. Surprisingly, both batches have turned out quite well. I did manage to cut the end of my thumb while slicing up sweet potatoes for the sweet potato treats, but other than that, there haven't been too many mishaps. That is a miracle since I am a complete mess in the kitchen. In fact, the Garlic, Cheese and Chicken Bites I made two nights ago smelled so good Mr. K and I wanted to eat them. The whole flat smelled as though I had been making home made garlic bread. I baked a batch of Apple Cinnamon cookies yesterday-a recipe of my own design-and that smelled good as well. The dogs all seem to like the treats too. So, that is a bonus.
Aside from the tugs and treats, I've also added hand tied, fleece blankets to the products available. Hermione has a green and pink one and she loves it. I had her sitting on my lap, wrapped up in it, and even though it barely covered my knees, I was super cozy. My next project is to make myself one; in purple, of course. I just have to go buy enough fleece and the right colours.
All of the dogs are doing well. Glacier is loving all of the work he has been doing with us getting out every day. Hermione is getting better at the forward momentum necessary for going for a walk and I'm thinking of purchasing her an "Easy Walk" harness. Despite her being small, she has a good pull and she's only going to get bigger. Of course she won't be the size of a German Shepherd or have the pull of a Husky, but I'd prefer that she didn't constantly be pulling. It's better for not only my shoulder, but her little body as well.
Speaking of Miss Hermione: I had noticed that she was scratching an awful lot. She also seemed to have a lot of dandruff. In order to combat her itchy skin, I bought some cod liver oil and have been giving her the supplement twice a week. It seems to be helping. She kind of stinks like fish after eating it-pretty much for the whole day-but if it keeps her from scratching her skin off, I think we can live with a bit of stink. The boys have been getting the supplement as well.
Cinnamon is another supplement all dogs get once a day. I had read some really good information about the benefits of cinnamon and instantly starting adding it to their food. Obviously, with any supplement, cinnamon and cod liver oil included,  should be given in specific measurements and shouldn't be given to dogs with certain health conditions, but for my dogs, both supplements are fantastic. I'd post the link to the pages about the benefits of cinnamon and cod liver oil, but ever since Blogger decided to force everyone over to its new, user unfriendly interface, I can't post photos or links.
My battle with the University of Bozos continues with me trying to explain that what they are doing is illegal. A few more emails have gone back and forth and I don't think they understand that I'm not contesting the importance of contacting the disability office in order to have your needs met, but refusing to process a disabled student's application until he/she has established whether or not the disability office can accommodate him/her is illegal. The law basically says that the university has to find a way to accommodate the disabled student, not that the university can decide whether or not they can accommodate and then base their acceptance of the student on that.
The University of Bozos tried quoting their application policy that "strongly suggests" students contact the disability office during the application process.
Um, last time I checked, "strongly suggest" does not mean "must" or "has to." These idiots have no idea what they are talking about. Regardless, my email response that I copied and pasted on another post must have them in a tizzy because I have received three email responses from three different people and I haven't even replied yet. I'm carefully crafting that response with links to the laws and quotes from their own policies that contradicts what they are saying.
Despite me saying that I didn't have anything to say, it would appear I've written quite a bit. It's slightly disjointed and a bunch of topics all jumbled together, but it's something. :)
Happy Friday, everyone.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Don't feel bad. Sometimes life just gets in the way of writing what we want to write. When the timing is'll happen!

Team Beaglebratz said...

From the mom- I totallly understand a lot about what you have written. I have had those down times where you feel like nothing of any interest is going on so why post - I do Facebook also and I have had those days or days where time just won't allow it. Then, since I also live with vision and other medical disabilities, there are times I STILL get frustrated sometimes with various businesses, college and even my place of employment. It's like they just don't get it - accomodations is not an option - it's the law! It's not an issue where one can think about it - just do it. And about Blogger - don't even get me started with them - I feel like they are one of those who just don't get it altho being a computer system, that allows a little leeway I guess. Thank goodness for the dogs - they help me so much - I come home stressed from my workday and the minute I walk in the door - a lot of that stress and feelings of extreme fatigue - arre magically lifted. Yep, thank goodness for our dogs and all the other stress-relievers we have in our lives.

Just post when you are ready, this is YOUR blog - I think a lot of us understand about all the unpleasant things that we deal with in life. Your audience will still be here.

Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

Hi Jess, I've wondered where you guys had disappeared to. Glad to hear things are going well. I totally recommend the easy walk harness and suggest you check eBay as it seems to be the cheapest place to get them. In store I think Canyon's was $30 plus tax but through eBay I was able to get one for Rogue for $24 including shipping. They have various colours too so I like that, Rogue wears a black one under her working vest (Cessna will inherit hers once she is walking on a leash properly) and Canyon has a beige one. I thought about getting Cessna a red one, but since my goal is to get Rogue walking on a loose leash, I thought it was a waste to buy a third one lol! Your fleece tugs sound awesome, I wish I lived near you to get some for our gang since both of the labs like tug and the goldens like soft stuff. Hope the university works itself out because it would be nice for you to have the option of doing your masters or physiotherapy.

As for Blogger and the new interface, you can have it switch back (for now) to the old one which is found somewhere that I can't remember but if you are interested, send me an e-mail and I'll ask someone to explain it again to me. I have switched over to the old one and have been posting on blogger while learning to use Wordpress for when they make us switch to the new interface permanently.

L^2 said...

Glad to hear you are all well. I have been lacking the motivation to post much for the last several months, so can I relate to how you feel. Just remember you are under no obligation to blog - it's supposed to be fun. So deal with all the stuff you need to, like the University's ridiculousness, and then whenever you feel like it, you can tell us all about it. Good luck! *hugs*

Mad About Pets said...

That is honestly the worst feeling in the world (besides leaving your purse somewhere!) It happens to me sometimes, and I just take a week or 2 off. I don't like doing it, but sometimes you just gotta let your batteries recharge. :)