Friday, April 20, 2012

This New Blogger Thing

So, when I logged in this morning I had a whole post about Hermione planned, but as soon as my Dash board popped up, I realise something had changed. Blogger had switched over to its new stream line interface and I am now stuck with it. From everything that I've read, it is supposed to be less accessible for screen reader users, like myself, than the old interface and I was worried I'd have to find a new home for my blog. So far though, my screen reading software seems to be working with it, but I haven't tried to do anything  fancy yet and until I try to post this blog entry, I won't know if I can even post anymore. With that in mind, I'm going to keep this short because I don't want to write a novel and it be all for nothing.
So, here's to hoping that "At A Glacial   Pace" can stay where it is, despite Blogger forcing me to switch to the new user interface.


Nadja Öberg said...


And it worked well for you. Congrats! :-)

Kind regards,

pattib said...

This post came through great! Here's hoping Blogger works for you still.

L^2 said...

Yes, other screen reader users are saying they can now usually manage to get a plain text post out (so that's progress, I suppose), but if you ever want to add in something like a link or a photo, or if you ever want to change any of your blog settings or options or anything like that it becomes a nightmare.

Right now, you can still switch back to the old interface, if you want to. Somewhere near the Go To Posts list, there is a button that is labeled something like "more options" - it brings up a list box with several items, one of which is "old interface" - if you can select that, you'll get the old Blogger back, for now. Mine was switched yesterday and I eventually found the option to switch it back again. I'm sure we all will still be forced to accept the new interface at some point though.

3 doxies said...

I still has my old interface in my dashboard but I guess I might as well start gettin' used to da new one pronto!


Mango said...

Oh man! The new interface is creeping across the internet like some evil sludge. As of this morning, I am still safe, but for how long?

Mango Momma