Friday, April 27, 2012

Fire in my Veins

When I first started writing on this blog, there wasn't much that didn't get my blood boiling. I was young, headstrong and wanting to change the world. I thought the best way to get that done was to be forceful, outspoken and sometimes rude. Some things have changed since then, one of them being that I'm a bit older. My fuse is also a bit longer and when I attempt to change the world, I try to be a bit more diplomatic and assertive rather than aggressive. The old saying, "you attract more bees with honey" kind of fits. However, I received an email yesterday that got me all fired up and, although I attempted politeness, my response was difficult to write without unleashing the fury.
You'd think that in 2012 minority groups-I'm speaking of people with disabilities in this particular instance-would not face the discrimination that they do. You'd think that something as simple as wanting to be educated would be a process of submitting one's transcript and application and wait to be judged on one's pedagogical merits. Well, judging by the email that I received from a university yesterday, this is definitely not the case.
Over a year ago I applied to a university to their Master's program in physiotherapy. There was a huge problem with my application process back then and so I sort of wrote them off and moved on. Yesterday, an email came through from this particular university's disability advisors stating that I needed to discuss my disability with him/her before the university could make a decision about my acceptance. Needless to say, I lost my sh*t. Below is my emailed response.
(Names have been changed).
Dear Disability Advisor, (name omitted),
Thank you for your email.
Firstly, I am not entirely familiar with the University of Bozos' Admissions process,
nor the confidentiality policies at the University and so am concerned
to why the Admissions team disclosed my disability to your office
without my permission. I am accustomed to that decision being up to
the student's discretion and wright to keep that private if he/she
should choose. I am also accustomed to the student pursuing
accommodation upon acceptance into his/her program of choice; again,
the responsibility falling upon the student. University of Bozos is not the first
university I have applied to and this is the first time I have
experienced such a gross and   blatant example of a   breech of
Secondly, I am concerned with the fact that the University of Bozos would only further my
application after I have discussed my disability with an advisor.
Again, when I applied to universities for my under graduate degree and
also to other universities for Master's programs, the application
process was not dependent on whether I discussed my disability with an
advisor. In fact, my acceptance to other Master's programs have been
issued and my disability was never discussed with regards to
admittance.  Acceptance was issued, whereupon, I made the proper
arrangements with the appropriate office. Acceptance into university
should be based on the student's abilities as an academic learner and
not his/her disability. Whether I have a sensory disability or not is
a non-issue as far as acceptance into a program. What I choose to do
after acceptance, with regards to disclosing my disability and asking
for accommodations, is fully my responsibility; one that I accept
under normal circumstances.
With all of this in mind, I shall politely decline your offer of
discussion of my needs/accommodation until the University of Bozos' Admissions team has reviewed my application and decided on
my acceptance or denial based on my merits as an academic student. At
that time, I will make my decision as to which university to attend
and then and only then will arrange accommodations for my disability.
Thank you for your time.
Warm regards,

I am completely and utterly outraged. Not only was the fact that I have a disability disclosed without my permission, this university has decided that they will not process my application until I have discussed my needs with a disability advisor. Total and utter discrimination...I think I am repeating myself, I am so irritated. This stuff shouldn't still happen.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I don't blame you one bit. Grrrrrrr

pattib said...

Wow, I'm with Frankie. GRRRRR

Casey said...

That's awful! I don't blame you one bit for being mad. Tell you what -- just let us know where the bozos are, and we'll arrange a biting campaign!