Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Da Mama's in Da Kitchen!

Herro everyones,
Dis is Hermione writing my first ever postie and I am writing you a big warning...beclawse..da Mama's in da   kitchen.
I haven't lived heres very long, buts I already knows that da Mama should not be allowed in da kitchen. Hers and da kitchen haves a loves hat, erm, hate...yes, hate, relationships. Da mama wants to loves da kitchen, buts da kitchen just doesn't loves hers back. My very ver very very big brother Glacier says that once da Mama, he calls hers him girl, lit the stove thingy on flames. Da Daddy hads to tell hers that hers was on fire. Oh, wait. No, hers wasn't on fire, the stove thing was and hers was standing right in front of it and didn't even knows. So, hers should never be allowed in da kitchen.
Well, this morning there was no mopping her...I mean, stopping hers. Hers was on a commision, um, mission and no matters hows much I pulled on hers pant leg with my very sharp puppy   teethers, hers was not budging. Glacier even tried to push hers out, buts hers was defurfmined...determined. Glacier stopped trying to shove hers out when she told him "out of the kitchen" and pointed.
"No, no, Mama!  no!" I was screaming, buts hers didn't hears me. "You should be getting out Mama. You are da one getting out of the kitchen! You are Lordess of the Flames!"
Buts hers told Glacier that hers was making dog cookies and him told me that hers could stay in da kitchen. I was not as sure as him was, buts he is the very very very very big brother and so I listened to him.
And do you knows what?! Him was rights!
Da Mama made dog cookies, buts hers didn't use the stove thingy, so there weren't any flames!
Best morning ever! No flames   and cookies, for us! All for us!
Hers said she was using some weird defrightening machine to make them. Oh, Glacier says it is a dehydrateor not a defrightener.
What do I knows? I'm only threes months old.
I tried to snoopervise, buts I am much too short and so Glacier and Roscoe tolds me that there were some pretty yummy thingies that da Mama put in our cookies.Roscoe said him saw bankers..wait, bananas. Yes, bananas. Glacier said him saw bee nut putter, erm, peanut butter and I smelled sinn o men...Spell Check says it is "cinnamon..." And Glacier's pretty sures there was some yogurt too! Can you imagines? all of those yummers mixed togethers to make cookies just fors us?!
Wow. If da Mama wants to cook like that, and there's no flames then I votes hers kitchen privileges be re-inflated...erm, you knows what I mean.
The only pawblem nows is that we haves to wait for a long time for our cookies to be ready.
What's that all abouts Mama? I am a puppy and don't knows how to wait!
Are theys ready yets?!
Still waitings!


3 doxies said...

Hehehehehe...I say reinflate her privvies to da kitchen too! And then send some cookies to me when they is done!
My mum don't EB+VEN knows where our kitchen is.


Casey said...

Your momma sounds pretty scary in the kitchen. I'm glad it ended well. All's well that ends in cookies, I always say!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Me agrees wit da Puddles. Me Mom jus uses da kitchen to pass through when we'all is blocking da odder doorway! At least you got some tweeties. We don't get dat except from da store!

Great job with your furst postee! Keep up da good work!

The Websters said...

Oh wow! You are so lucky!! Do you think she'll share her recipe? I LOVE treats. Mrs. Master dehydrates sweet potato slices for me and I really really like those!



Mango said...

Oh my dearest little puppy. You certainly have a way with words and reading your post made me smile as I, Mango, also sometimes find the human speak to be very confusing.

I was worried at first. My momma is also not in love with the kitchen and should only be restricted to things that come out of the cold box and go into the microwave. Stirring and mixing are even often beyond her.

Lucky for you that Glacier was there to make sure you were safe. Sounds like it worked out well. Noms for everybody!