Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Raffle Prize Run-down

Hello to the beautiful people of Blogville: Glacier here to tells you all bouts the raffle prizes we have for you to choose from. The Daddy told my girl that she should tells everyone what was available and that maybe not everyone knew what everythingy was. So, heres I am to tells you all bouts them. There are  thirteen, not eleven we miscounted yesterdays, thingies up fur grabs, so you may want to get comfy...or a pen and paper to takes notes.
First of all, The Kong Company was incredibly generous and gives us three prizes. And, I'm not talkin' little prizes. No ways! Three big prizes and different prizes for different needs. They was thinkin' when they picked what to donate to us. There is a Senior Kong, which is the purple and white Kong, with a mini Kong key chain. Whats you needs a key chain fur I haves no idea, but I'm a dog, I don't haves keys. My girl says the key chains are adorable. Hmmm, I'm adorable. Does that means I'm up fur rafflin' off?
Anyways, the Senior Kong is fur the older citizens of Blogville whose gots softer mouths than us youngsters. I suppose gentler chewers could probably plays with the more flexible, soft Senior Kong, but that means that toy is not fur me or my loverly date, Dachshund Nola: we gots some powerful chompers goin' on. That's whys we are a pawfect match!
Oh, I ams gettin' side tracked by hers loverliness.
The next thingy the Kong Company sent us for the Raffle was an XXL Classic Kong. That means, it's of the red variety and for normal chewers; nots the freakishly strong chewers likes me. Both Kong products are lots of fun 'cause you can stuffs thems with delicious treats and play fetch. This Classic Kong comes with a mini key chain too. Again, apparentlys very adorable. I'm startin' to think my girl's gonna raffle me off if the only criterias is thats you have to be adorable.
The last and most excitin' prize from The Kong Company, at least Roscoe and me thinks it's the most excitin', is the Kong Wobbler. This toy is fantabulous! It wobbles alls over the floor, likes its name says it does, and treats come fallin' out of a little hole in the side of the toy. Oh, but your human needs to remembers to put treats in it. The lid screws off, treats get dumped into the sand weighted bottom, lid goes back on, toy goes on floor and doggies goes crazies. My girl says the best pawt is that the Kong Wobbler only wobbles; it never falls, which means doggies cans whack, and push and roll it and the human nevers has to put it upright again.
On a rainy day, whens we were eatin' kibbles still, my girl put our suppers in it to keep us occupied. Nows, she puts treats in it. Apparentlys I play wrong because I takes off in a corner and tries to chew the top off, but I thinks it's a good game. Roscoe gets it better and our little brother Baloo, who has gones to live with another Mama, loved the Kong Wobbler and he was a little guy! He nevers let anyone else play with it when he was around.
Oh, yeah. And of courses, an adorable Kong key chain comes alongs with the Kong Wobbler too. I am gettin' mores and mores concerned heres...movin' rights along.
Another excitin' item for doggies is the Valentine's basket Baloo's new Mama donated. It's full of fun stuffs for us, like cookies, poop bags and a squeaky stuffed heart. My girl says I'm not allowed to bid on that prize 'cause I ams a strong chewer and wills destroy the stuffed heart. I has no idea what hers is talkin' bouts: that hockey puck needed shreddin'.
Next on our list are the really cool toys donated by VIP. I loves these toys and my girl said I can buy tickets fur these ones 'cause I have a hard time destroyin' thems. There is the Ultimate ring, complete with squeakers. I have one of these and Roscoe and I loves it. We play tug with it and we haven't ripped it yet; erm, yet. The squeakers are stitched into their own little section so it's ways harder to pulls them out. The edges of the toy are soft so it doesn't hurt ours mouths. The Toughies line is the only stuffed toys I'm allowed to have 'cause I can't eat thems and they don't resemble any children's toys. Roscoe and I work in public and so can't be thinkin' that kids' stuffies are ours.
The other item VIP donated was the very cool Lion from the Mighty line. I can't says what this toy's like 'cause I've never had one, but if it's anything likes the Ultimate Ring or the Ultimate Square, which I've also had, this toy is a must haves.
The rest of the prizes are fur the humans. I'm not so interested in these, but my girl says I still have to tells you bouts them. So, heres we go.
H Gibson, a very talented Scottish artist, has generously donated four prints of hers work and two hand dyed/painted scarves. I don't knows much about art, but I thinks they are all very pretty. Well, they'd be pretty if I was a girl and a human. I ams not gonna be wearin' hand painted/dyed scarves. My girl says that the scarves are very silky and soft feelin'. Again, I have no idea what hers is talkin' about; except that I have ben told I have soft, silky ears.
OMD! Hers is gonna raffle me  off fur sure!
The last item that might be of interest to the humans is the hand made bath salt and soap package that my girl will be makin'. The bath salts are made from Dead Sea salt, epson salt and whatevers scent the winner chooses. My girl uses mostly essential oils fur makin' thingies stink, erm, smell good to makes sure people don't have weird itchies from artificial perfume thingies. The salts can also be used as a foot soak if you have tired and sore feets. My girl also makes soap with olive and whatevers essential oils you likes. To be honest, I said that they stink, but her Apple Cinnamon one smells likes pie and even thoughs I've never had pie, I wants to eat it!
So, theres you have it! An explanation of all of the pawsome raffle prizes. My girl is shippin' everythingy so you don'ts have to worry about the shippin' costs. If you go on overs to the Pawsome Raffle Prizes page, you can sees images of the fantabulous prizes fur both dogs and humans.
So, what's you waitin' fur?! Hurry and start buyn' tickets before my girl adds me to the page!


Nola said...

Oh these sound great! Kong wobbler sounds like so much fun! I will defiantly buy a ticket if you're a raffle prize!
Dachshund Nola

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

I think the prizes are all FANGTASTIC. I hope TONS of folks are buyin tickets!!!

Mr. Pip said...

Wow, very cool prizes!

Your pal, Pip

Sarge said...

Hey Glacier!
Wow, these prizes are totally pawesome! You got a really great collection of goodies here. There will be some very lucky winners fur sure!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Amber DaWeenie said...

So many nice things being raffled off. We still have to get more tickets and more kisses and more yummies.

And if your girl decides to raffle you off, please let me know so I can get about 87 million tickets.