Tuesday, February 07, 2012

One Week!

That's right.
There is one week left in our Blogville fundraiser for Dog Foster Mom. One more week to get your kisses in; one more week to make sure your sweetie's belly is full of delicious yummers; one more week to get your votes in for Valentine's Day King and Queen! And don't forget, one more week for you to get your name entered in the raffle prize draw of your choice.
We have some very active members of Blogville giving this PAWTY their best effort. In fact, I'd like to recognise Amber Daweenie and Sasha for their contributions to the fundraiser thus far. Both girls have been very busy making sure  their loved ones are full of tasty treats. Actually, I think Sasha is the dog who has, thus far, purchased the most Yummers for her very handsome Remington. Amber has been busy voting, kissing and she already has her name in her favourite raffle prize. So, thank you to you two and your Moms' plastic thingies for your pawticipation so far. :)
There is so much going on that I thought I'd give everyone a brief run down again. So, get comfy.
We have eleven fantastic raffle prizes, which have all been generously donated. Count 'em! Eleven! That is eleven fun things for you or even your humans. So, stop by the Pawsome raffle prize page  and check out the selection. Currently, the hand dyed scarf seems to be a popular item. *Note: If you do choose to make a purchase, please let me know in the "message" part of the Pay Pal form what prize you have placed your tickets in. This will help me out a bunch*.
The Kissing Booth has 13 girls and over 20 boys for you to smooch. That is over thirty friendly pups just waiting for you to give 'em a big one. In basic mathematical terms, that is almost seven kissables a day! You'd better get busy if you want to kiss them all. ;) I think Amber Daweenie has the highest number of kisses so far: she's a popular Lady.
The Yummers bakery is busy every day turning out new (virtual) treats for your sweetie. As I've noted above, Remington might want to play more football because his girl Sasha has made sure he won't go hungry. She even made sure he had a special snack for the Big Game Sunday night. There are treats for everyone; pups with allergies, the manly man and even for the kitties out there. Make sure to check the "Loved Recipients of Yummers" page because that is where the updates for who got a Yummer are being put up.
Things are heating up with the Valentine's Day King and Queen vote. The votes are slowly trickling in, but the field is split evenly down  the middle,, with each pup who has been voted for, only having one vote. So, what does that mean? If Blogville doesn't start voting, we'll have a six way tie and the participants will have to do something crazy to break the tie. So, let's get our votes in and make sure the pawfect candidates wins the royal titles of Valentine's Day King and Queen.
For daily updates on the vote and who's kissing who, consult the "Daily Results" page.
And just when you think we've covered everything, I have one more announcement to make. Well, more like a warning. ;)
A certain police dog will be on patrol starting February 10th, ensuring the  citizens of Blogville are not breaking the law. Tickets will be "pawed" out to those caught breaking the law and the fines will be payable to Dog Foster Mom for a price of 1 dollar USD. If perpetrators are not able to pay his/her fine, he/she will face being recorded for his/her crime. For more information about fines/bribes/going to Valentine's Day jail, please contact me at:
purple DOT tidalwave AT gmail DOT com
(Enquiries about our crime fighting can also be directed to said police dog).
Lastly, it has been brought to my attention that attempting to make a mass purchase can be slightly inconvenient. To remedy this, it has been suggested that you use the "general donation" button found at the bottom of most of the Blogville activity pages, enter the amount of green papers you wish to spend and then notify me in the "message" section of the Pay Pal form as to where your funds are being directed. This arrangement is completely fine by me, so if this is easier for you big shoppers, please feel free to go ahead and shop this way. *Note: all funds received, except for the small transaction fee Pay Pal takes, go to Dog Foster Mom in order to assist her build a privacy fence so she may continue doing the wonderful work she is doing for All Paws Rescue*.
So, happy kissing/voting/eating/raffle prize ticket buying...and don't forget to be careful come February 10th. You never know when the police will arrive on the scene. :)


Nola said...

OMD it's so close!
Dachshund Nola

Team Beaglebratz said...

WOWZERZ! So much tu du an'so little time tu du it. We know what we will b duin'tunite.

By the way, did u stop by our blog tu git your award - it wuz on YESTERDAY'Z post at


Shiloh'n Shasta

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh wow....I feel so honored. This is so much fun. I'm going back for some more kisses later this week and maybe get some more yummers to last me through the rest of the month.

garthriley said...

I've got my paws crossed that I'll win one of the raffle prizes, since mom bought me a bunch of tickets! Jess, you deserve a round of applause for all the work you have put into this! We are very impressed!

(yes, I'm available for kissing) (and I'd make an awesome Valentine's king)

♥Mona + Weenie + Mommy, too♥ said...

Wow!! This is getting better and betters. What did ya thing of our post about doing the Valentine's Smilebox?