Saturday, February 18, 2012

Announcing PAWTY King and Queen Winners!

Hello beautiful citizens of Blogville. I want to start this post by thanking everyone out there for all your support and participation in the Valentine's Day PAWTY. The event was huge and it wouldn't been so without you guys! I really appreciate all of your posts, comments, assistance and donations. It was my first ever Blogville event and I really wasn't sure how it would go, but you people-and critters-are amazing and this event was more than I could have dreamed. Words cannot really adequately capture how grateful I really am. You guys rock!
Now, I am sure you are all waiting to find out who your Valentine's Day King and Queen(s) are? Yes, I said "Queens."
You voted and there was a tie between two lovely Ladies and when put to the question of whether or not to have two queens, Blogville said "yes." So, that is how it will go for Valentine's Day 2012.
To be honest, the race for Queen and King titles was incredibly tight and we almost had six winners, with just one vote separating them all.
I'd like to give Sarge and Zona an honourable mention as they nearly won the competition and were barely beat out by our three winners.
Congratulations to Sarge and Zona for being the runners up for Valentine's Day King and Queen 2012!!!!!!!
As I said, the three winners were ahead of Sarge and Zona by only one vote. When I saw the results, I considered knocking out two of the winners and replacing them with Sarge and Zona, but you voted Blogville, so I left it alone. Politics wouldn't be politics without some tampering? ;)
Without any further rambling by me...
The first Queen of Valentine's Day 2012 is Shasta from
Team Beagle Bratz!
I think her adorable photo won everyone over. :)
Congratulations Shasta!!!!!!! I know you will rule Blogville Valentine's Day with grace and beauty and a gentle paw.
The second Queen of Blogville Valentine's Day 2012, is my very own Jetta.
I'm not sure where all of the votes for Jetta, a retired guide dog and Senior citizen, came from, but I know she will be thrilled to find out she is Co-Queen with the lovely Shasta.
She will be a great ruler because of the years under her collar; so to speak.
And, who is the lucky guy who gets to rule Blogville Valentine's Day 2012 with these two incredible Ladies?!
Well...erm, the winner of Valentine's Day King 2012 is...
*Now do you see why I was going to knock off two of the winners? LOL*.
Glacier is a goofy guy with a big heart and I know he will be honoured to rule Blogville Valentine's Day 2012 with Queen Shasta and Queen Jetta.
So, there you have it!
Our three Royals for 2012. Since Blogville is a democracy, if anyone would like to have a re-vote (minus Queen Shasta, who is solidly planted on her Valentine's Day throne), speak now or forever hold your peace.
Congratulations to the winners! :)


Two French Bulldogs said...

Congratulations every buddys
Benny & Lily

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

All HAIL the Blogville ROYALS
Queen Jetta

Congratulations to Princess Zona and Prince Sarge

to YOU. I can hardly believe that this was your FIRST attempt at a BIG BLOGVILLE Activity. You conducted it.. and structured it like a SEASONED VETERAN. You did a truly amazing job with the entire Event.
I don't know how much was raised to help with the fence construction, butt every bit helps. I am positive that it is sincerely appreciated.
Thank YOU and EVERYONE ELSE who took part in the Fun and Fund raising. THIS is what makes Blogville... Blogville.. We Know how to come together and have a super time, all the while supporting our friends. Now just WHERE ELSE on the Face of the Earth could you find anything Better that THIS?
Valentine's Day 2012 will be remembered with great JOY and Laughter... THANKS to YOU,Jess. WE NEEDED THIS Pawty at this time.
Sincerely, Frankie Furter and Ernie.

Team Beaglebratz said...

OH WOWZERZ WOW-HOOZIEZ! Shasta here - or shood I say QUEEN SHASTA - fer real now. Oh mom sez I shood really git a nu gown now fer the coronashun. An'I am most honored tu share my throne with Miss Jetta - what a loverly lady - she will b a magnifesent queen that I will truly look up (fer real) tu fer guidance fer she iz most wize an'all knowin'.
An'what a handsum King tu share our royal kingdom with. Havin'TU big doggiez tu share our ruling dutiez with will b quite enjoyable.
Diva QUEEN Shasta - fer real!
an'congratchulashuz tu Sarge an'Zona - they really made the contest a close race az did all the fine contestantz.

Frum Shiloh - OMD pleeze help me. Now I will haf tu share this humble abode with her. ONLY SHE uzed tu b-lieve she wuz a queen - now she really iz an'life around here will NEVER b the same.

Sarge said...

Woohooooo! CONGRATS TO KING GLACIER AND HIS QUEENS SHASTA & JETTA! What a wonderful choice for the Vday royalty. I'm so honored that Zona and I came in second. Gosh, my Zona Girl is so gorgeous. Enjoy your reign, Glacier, Shasta and Jetta!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Jess and Glacier said...

There is more to come. LOL Prince sarge and Princess Zona have surprises for them too.
Thank you everyone for making this event what it was. Frankie is right, this community is truly amazing and I feel blessed to be a part of it. hugs

Teresa said...

Seamus says "AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" (beagle for "all hail") Queen Shasta!!! He is honored to have been her Paw-ty date!! (He thinks this makes him a King...and since he acts like that anyway, we're letting him think that.)

chicamom85 said...

Congratulations to the new royalty King Glacier and Queens Shasta and Queen Jetta( I am attempting a curtsey). This was such a fun pawty and a Valentines Day I will never forget. Because of you I met the love of my life, the handsome Remington. Thank you

Loveys Sasha

p.s. You did a terrific job, thank you, it was so much fun to participate. I hope it helped build a fence for the babies.

Amber DaWeenie said...

A great big Weenie congratulations to our King and Queens of Blogville. Blogville couldn't have made a better choice. Your guys are all fangtastic!


The Cat From Hell said...

Concatulations to the King and his Queens! King Glacier & Queens Shasta and Jetta, and the runners up too! Prince Sarge and Princess Zona!
What a great bunch of Royals!

Mango said...

Glacier, dude, I think this honor is going to up your status with the gals even more than placing first working stiff in mango minster. The ladies just love a romantic.


Casey said...

All hail the king and queens!