Monday, October 17, 2011

Signs of Aging

Just one phone call yesterday managed to put me into a bit of a tizzy. It's not horrible news, but it was news that bothered me nonetheless. Partly because I feel responsible and partly because I am not there to do anything about it.
It's been pretty much decided that Jetta is developing cadderacks. She will be eleven this December, so I know that aging is bound to happen, but I guess I never thought that the dog whose eyes worked as mine for six years would be what signified her growing older. Mom says she still gets around fine and sometimes just needs someone to turn on the light so that she can hop on the bed. Sometimes if she goes out to "park" she will wait for someone to come out with her and then she'll head down the stairs to do her business. At camp a few weekends ago she did fine, touring around on her own, but still it worries me. She still can hear and her hips and elbows seem healthy, which is a blessing, but no matter how you prepare yourself, you are never ready to know that your dog's getting older.
When Jetta retired in August of 2008, she was only seven and a half. I have seen her quite often since then and it just didn't seem like she would ever slow down. For me, it's hard to realise that she is growing older just because she did retire so young. I haven't lived with her for three years and so haven't seen her age progress.
I know there are a lot of dogs out there who are blind. In fact, some are born that way or go blind quite young, just like humans do. They can adapt and she will too. It's not the low vision itself, it is its  implication.
The next thing that got me all worked up was finding out that my uncle and his girlfriend cannot take Aria. I had held off from announcing her second re-homing until now because I wanted to make sure things were set in stone before telling everyone. Turns out I jumped the gun. I completely understand their reasons why and can appreciate that they at least decided this before having her for a few months and then moving her again. I am just frustrated because I can't be there to help find her a home. Actually, if I was there, she wouldn't need a new home. If getting her into the UK wasn't so expensive and nearly impossible, I would just bring her over. The stress from the flight underneath a plane might be just too much for her though. I miss her so much and I feel responsible for her having to go through this.
Mom said that they will still pick her up from Mr. K's Mom's house and that Aria will stay with her until they can find her a good home. Mom really wanted to keep her because she is such a sweet little dog, but they already have Jetta, Flash, Sisu and Loki. Even though Aria only weighs about eight pounds, an extra dog may be too much for them. I do feel better knowing that Mom is willing to look after her until a suitable home can be found.
Both of these situations could e way worse and so I take comfort in  knowing that both girls are looked after, but I wish there was something I could do.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Jetta will be fine no matter what the outcome of her eyes. We had a Min Pin for 14 years. During the last 2 years of her life she developed congestive heart failure, bone cancer, and also went blind. For 2 years she forged on and never complained.

Poor little Aria. At least she feels loved and hasn't been thrown into a shelter. She'll find a permanent home soon.

Try not to worry.....I know, that's just what us pet parents do all the time so it's just natural to worry.

Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue said...

Oh Jess...I'm so, so, sorry :( Having just lost my yellow boy, I can only imagine the thoughts that must be running through your head regarding Jetta. It's so hard to watch them age, knowing all you can do is keep them safe and comfortable. I was lucky to have Phoenix for as long as I did, with just total deafness and moderate arthritis by the final year, but it's really hard to hear of another great dog, starting that horrible aging process. Cessna was diagnosed with the start of cataracts in February, we'll get her eyes retested this winter, but the thought of having both her and Jetta go blind is bringing tears to my eyes. I'm going to try sending you an e-mail from my new personal address, it is a gmail one, please let me know if you get it. I might send the same one from my Guelph account as well just to make sure you get my message since so far we haven't really had much success in connecting.