Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

In light of Halloween being just over two weeks away, I thought today's Fun Fact Friday could be centred around one of my most favourite times of the year.

Fifteen Fun Facts: My Halloween Part 1

1. My earliest memory of Halloween was when I was about four and my Mom made me a Bugs Bunny costume. It was made entirely out of this thick, quilted material and was complete with mask that hid my face, ears that stood up because of the coat hangers she bent and a little tail on the bum. I wore that costume even when it wasn't Halloween and ran around yelling "What's up Doc?" and eating a carrot through the mouth hole that was blocked by one giant material covered, cardboard tooth.
2. Have you ever seen those jokes about Canada that say your Halloween costumes are made to fit over your snowsuits? Well, where I'm from that can't be truer. When I was six, I was snow white and my mom made my costume big enough to fit over a winter jacket. I was appalled that I was a poofy Snowwhite, but on Halloween when I had to wear my pink winter boots because there was snow half way up my shins, I was thankful.
3. I can remember every costume I have ever had, including the Sorceress costume that I wore and had my hair teased out so much and hardened with hair spray that it took three shampoo sessions to make it a little bit manageable.
4. I was not the only one who got dressed up. Jetta and even Glacier have suffered at my Halloweenified hands. The second Halloween I had Jetta she was a princess and she showed her disdain by chewing the sequin crown to bits and peeing on the pink slipper shoes.
5. The first Halloween Mr. K and I were together I got us a pumpkin thinking it would be funny that two blind people were carving a pumpkin. Little did I know that I had just started dating an artistic crazy man and our pumpkin turned out better than most of the ones I have carved with sighted people. Last year he carved his with a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas-the thing was a masterpiece.
6. The things I hated getting most in my trick or treat bag was those hard toffee things. Dude! Those are gross. What kid wants to eat stale, hard toffee?! It's not even real toffee. I didn't care that there were  Halloween themed pictures on the wrapper. I was a blind kid! I went for the taste, not the pictures! 
7. When Tenie, Carmen and I lived together for our under grad, the house we were renting was perfect for a Halloween party. It was a turn of the century home and we always decorated like crazy and invited people over. One year-there is actually a blog post about this-Brooke from Ruled by Paws, and I made Jetta's and Cessna's wizard hats while her husband Huib made them little capes. Originally we had wanted them to be My Little Ponies, but the hair paint didn't work with their fur. They were the cutest stinking wizards I have ever seen.
8. While I was in Massage college, Glacier and I dressed up to match. I knew there was a costume contest and I wanted to win. What better way than for me to be Tigger and Glacier to be E...well, the blue donkey from Whinnie the Pooh. (I actually have never seen that name spelled and so don't know how to spell it. Woops. LOL). We won by the way.
9. Last year Mr. K helped me with my costume and it was awesome. Remember that artistic side I was talking about? I was a fairy who had crashed. He bent my wings on the one side; used make-up to road rash that side of my face; ripped holes in a shirt and road rashed the exposed skin; put bandaids all over my elbows; and I wore a pair of black heels my puppies had chewed up. The non-road rashed side had nice sparkles and pretty hair. It was awesome.
9. The one game that I never understood that people insisted on playing when we were kids, was bobbing for apples. Um, gross! Let's put a bunch of fruit in a bowl of water, have kids slobber in that water, leave teeth marks in every apple but never pull one out. Honestly though, I was so stinking competitive I didn't care who had drooled in that water, I was getting an apple and winning! (I'm starting to sense a theme here).
10. Speaking of winning: Carmen, Jetta and I won "best group" costume one year at a local bar. I was Tinkerbell-of course-Jetta was a Lost Boy and Carmen was Captain Hook's...erm, daughter. It was good times.
11. I have always loved how much the kids get into Halloween. One year, when I was in massage college, a friend and I sat out on my front steps, wrapped in a sleeping bag because it was freezing, handing out candy. Glacier sat on our feet watching all of the kids, quite curious as to what was going on. One little girl dressed as a lady bug came to our house and when we asked her if she would like a treat, she opened her bag, but not to receive a treat but to get a dog biscuit out for Glacier. It was the cutest thing ever. She must have been about two and a half or so. Glacier took the cookie so gently from her and I think that would have been enough for her. Of course we dropped a few treats into her bag before she moved on.
12. One year my Dad was helping me carve a pumpkin and I was just old enough to think that triangles for eyes wasn't cool anymore. So, I asked him to carve me lightning bolts. He carved them all right, right along with his thumb. He had to go get three stitches.
13. I don't remember how old we were, but Tenie and I trick or treated with each other from a young age right up until we were too old. Even when I was at the School for the blind and only came home on weekends, somehow it worked out that we got to go out together. I can remember me carrying one of those plastic bags with the Halloween designs on the front and Tenie carried a plastic pumpkin. By the time we stopped, we both were carrying pillow cases. It's like the graduation from a plastic pumpkin bucket to a pillow case is a wright of passage or something.
14. The last Halloween Tenie, Carmen and I spent living together, we were all sexy vampires. We had a lot  of fun getting dressed up and even splurged for a set of fake fangs. These fangs actually were molded to your own canine teeth and took some getting used to. They held out pretty well, but with eating and drinking, I think I was the only one with one fang left at the end of the night. I was a  lopsided vampire?
15. I swore when I was little that I would not have repeat costumes. That went out the window as I've been a vampire probably three times and a fairy of some variety three or four times. However, for each repeat, the costume was usually different. So, it was a half repeat.

I hope you enjoyed my little walk down Halloween memory lane. Come back next week for some more spooky Halloween fun.
Happy Friday. :)

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