Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Down to the Wire

We have just over 48 hours before we leave for London England. I can't believe how the time has flown by, both quickly and slowly.  One minute, we are sitting in a coffee shop making jokes about moving to Scotland and the next we are fitting our entire lives into three suitcases a backpacker's backpack, a box to be shipped later, a banjo and two laptop bags. It sounds like a lot when put like that, but believe me, it really isn't. I've downsized my wardrobe significantly, which I think needed to happen anyway. I had a few pieces I had been holding on to since high school and probably needed to be retired. We have given our dishes away, our small kitchen appliances, our queen sized bed and practically everything else. The only things we are taking are our Laptops, clothes, some shoes and two dog toys that I managed to fit in. I have also managed to find a good spot for my Tinkerbell coffee mug that has been my morning companion for quite a few years. When we arrive, there will be a few items we may need to replace, but for the most part we managed to fit what we wanted to bring.
Actually, what happened was: we had a huge space saver bag filled with linens and we emptied that out and refilled it with clothes. Then, we filled more space saver bags with clothes and everything fit. We had to unpack everything we had already done, but it was worth it in the end. I managed to fit one quilt that Tenie's Grandma made for Mr. K and I and the other quilt she made for me when I graduated from high school will just be shipped over.
In other ways, the time has dragged on. Some days feel like they take ten years to come to a close, but I'm glad we had the seven or so months to prepare. It allowed Glacier and I to go back for retraining; Mr. K and I had our fabulous wedding; and we were able to work out the glitches that come along with moving your life to another continent.
And how are the dogs?
Well, snoozing right now, but I know they're a bit stressed. They tag teamed my stuffed cow who was the mascot for the 2008 Beijing Games and tore her to shreds. They also grabbed a piece of old mail and ripped that into  bits as well. Normally, they do not behave this way, but I think they can sense the tension in the house and are concerned by all of the packing. There have also been a few people in and out, carting garbage bags full of our stuff out to Good Will and such things. So, in that regard, I think things are a bit confusing for them. I know they need a sort of outlet, but unfortunately, there really isn't anywhere for them to run or to get a good working session in; precisely why we are moving in the first place. I keep telling Glacier that give us a few days and things will get better. He'll be able to get out and work and explore new areas. He just has to deal with sitting on a plane for seven hours first. Our total travel time should take around eighteen hours. That includes the time it takes us to drive from our townhouse to the airport and the two flights we have to take.
As for our pre-approval letter, I am still waiting on it. I got an email back from the DEFRA vet saying "both are fine." The email was in response to me telling her what treatments we were using for flea/tick and tapeworm, so I think that is what she was referring to. I replied and gently reminded her that we needed the pre-approval letter in order to get on the plane on Thursday. I am hoping I hear from her soon. Either that, or I may have Mr. K call the woman he had been talking to last week to see if he can get some answers. I think we are good to go, but it would be good to have that piece of paper in my hand.
I am kind of in awe that we're actually doing this. It seems sort of like a dream, but I know when we board that plane in just over 48 hours, it will all sink in.


Amber DaWeenie said...

I think this is what one would call exciting but very frightening as well. We all wish you luck and look forward to hearing how everything went!

VeredRoyz said...

I found your blog thanks to Jennifer. It has been really interesting to read about your journey and I hope you'll continue to share when you've landed in Scotland. It's a big step for many but I think it's bigger when you've a disability. Can't you share what you've think of especially when it comes to your blindness and the move? I live in Sweden but I want to move overseas but I don't know where I'll begin!?!
Good luck!

Kolchak Puggle said...

How exciting! I am getting all giggly & nervous for you! ITS ALMOST TIME!