Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting Closer

A month from tomorrow Mr. K, Glacier, Roscoe and I will be boarding a plane to the UK. About a week ago it seemed kind of far off, but upon thinking about it last night, I realised that a month really isn't that much time. This time next week will mean that we will have just over three weeks and that in itself is just amazing. Time has definitely flown since Mr. K and I made the decision to move to another continent. In some ways there is so much to do and in others there isn't anything to do but to wait. The couple of days leading up to our flight are going to be crazy with having a few vet visits and such to get all of our paper work in order.
It really hit me last night that we were really moving and soon when I gave the boys' Kong Wobbler and Busy Buddy treat dispensing toy to our friends. She just got a mini pig for her birthday and it would appear that they need a lot of stimulation. We haven't met him yet-his name is Jethro-but I am hoping we get to before we leave; very cool little animals. We've also promised our gigantic elk antler to them as they have a yellow Lab, a Fox Hound and a Weimerraner. Earlier in the week, Kyo's old crate was given to a friend with a Bull Mastiff and a bunch of our doggie supplies and office supplies were donated to PAALS. It's weird giving the dogs' toys and things away, but it just means I get to go dog shopping when we arrive in the UK.
Technically we could have shipped some things over, but the cost of shipping is hardly worth the price of the goods that we would have shipped. Putting all of the dogs' toys in our suitcases would have weighed them down significantly and since the Kong Wobbler did not cost fifty dollars, the price of an over weight bag, we'll be replacing it upon arrival in Edinburgh. We still have the Toughies Square Ball that is one of the boys' favourites and since that is soft, squishy   and light I'm sure it could make the trip. Besides that, I think their toys will go to other dogs.
The toys are not the only thing of the dogs' that we'll be leaving behind. I haven't quite figured out their food situation yet. I thought I may contact Orijen and ask them if there is any way we would be able to get samples as they would fit better in carry on luggage and the food would then be sealed in its original packaging. I'm not sure how picky the UK is about dog food coming in, but when crossing the Canada US border the food must be sealed in its original packaging and I believe lamb is not allowed. I figure since we'll probably run into some other weird issues once we arrive, having the dogs' food sealed may just avoid extra conflicts.
The dogs are also required to wear seat belts during take off and landing, according to DEFRA,, which is fine, but no one seems to know what style of seat belt is required. I haven't even figured out how we're supposed to fasten the dogs in. We've asked the Airline and they have no idea, so come tomorrow, I'll be phoning the UK to get a straight answer. All we need is to be kicked off of our flight just because we don't have or have the wrong doggie seat belt. Whenever I flew with Jetta into Europe the seat belt was never required, but then again, we never flew into London England; mostly because of the crazy strict restrictions they have placed on incoming animals.
Of course we have human preparations to consider as well: vaccuum packing some of our clothes/linens, selling/giving away the rest of our stuff, making sure we have rides to all of our appointments and to the airport Etc. Some of this stuff we'll get moving on this week, but other things cannot happen until the actual week we leave. It's all very exciting and a bit nerve wracking at the same time, but as I've said a million times before, it is going to be so worth it.


Jen said...

I've never heard of the dog seatbelt thing, and my friend has flown from Ireland to the US a few times, once via England. That's a strange one!

Jess and Glacier said...

It is weird. We don't have to use them here, but every Airline website I have read says we need them and the Air Carrier we're flying in on also says we need them. I would rather not use them since our dogs are definitely not used to them, but we're not taking any chances of being denied.
I've emailed the guide dog school there and a Tourism organisation established to help disabled people have accessible vacations in the hopes of either organisations having some answers for me about the stupid harness.
I've also been trying to find out about Access Laws, but most things aren't very clear.