Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rainy Days

All it's done since Thursday is rain. Even the first play session I took all five dogs on when Isis arrived it was drizzling. It's driving me crazy because I know these bigger guys need a good frolic, but all we can do is run out "park," "do business" or "potty," depending on which dog you are. I'm not so worried about Aria and Balloo because I can throw a Busy Buddy football thingy for them and a good ten minute session of that a few times a day gets them their exercise. But these bigger oafs can't be racing helter-skelter through the house. The good thing is that Glacier and I are going shopping with a friend this afternoon so he will get some mall work and Roscoe was out with Mr. K yesterday working, but poor Miss Isis is stuck in here lying on a couch.
Okay, so maybe she doesn't mind the lying on the couch so much and she has been playing with Glacier and Roscoe from time to time. So I know she's not bored, but getting outside and stretching one's legs is not only good for the fuzzy ones, but it is good for the non-furry kind too: that would be me just in case you were wondering. :)
Besides the weather being crap and forcing us indoors, our visit is still going well. You wouldn't really know there were five dogs in the house. Isis is smaller than Roscoe and Glacier, but she is still a good sized dog. She is also quite lazy, which is characteristic to the Mastiff breed. She does have little energy bursts every once in a while and that usually turns into her and one of the bigger boys battling playfully over a bone or her playing "chase" with Aria or Balloo. Strangely enough, she plays quite well with the little ones, particularly Balloo. I know Balloo is happy about this because he is still convinced that Isis should love him and want to run away with him.
I may bust out the Kong Wobbler or the treat ball later to get everyone moving. I guess rainy days are the reason for making toys like that. At least that way their minds will be challenged and they'll get a bit of exercise.
Happy Saturday everyone. Who knows. I may be back to tell you about our shopping trip if something of significance happens. We are going to the mall where the security guard tried to make me leave because he didn't believe Glacier was a real guide dog. What qualified him for that job I'm not sure. The best part was that when I went to walk away, he bent down and started talking to and petting Glacier. I said as sweet as could be "since you are so well versed in guide dog rules and laws, you would know that you aren't supposed to be petting him while he is working." I promptly walked away. LOL

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