Monday, February 07, 2011

And We're Back To Four

So Miss Isis Isabella was picked up by her mom and dad about a half an hour ago. Our visit went well and she was a pretty good house guest. I told her parents about the counter surfing. They were worried, but Mr. K and I pointed out that it was a new environment and that dogs can do weird things when anxious. I also told them about her new found love; the crate. She actually took really well to it and would get in and go right to sleep. She even took herself in there when she got in trouble for playing too rough with Balloo.
Speaking of Balloo he experienced his first heart break when Isis chomped at him a little too hard and scared/hurt him. He peed and went and hid under the couch for a half an hour. He is a sensitive guy. All right, he might be a bit of a wimp, but at least he's not aggressive or mean. I did not witness the assault as I was at the mall with Glacier and our friend. (Glacier did fantastic work at the mall by the way. No scrounging for food even in the food court. Go Glacier)! I'm kind of glad I wasn't here because Balloo's crying probably would have broke my heart. But he seemed completely unscathed when I got home and he and Isis were best friends again.
Balloo has also discovered that he is big enough to jump on to and off of the couch by himself. While I was out shopping he raced around the living room from couch to couch for about twenty minutes, practising his new talent. Today he hopped up on the couch beside me and was very proud of himself. My little baby is growing up. Mr. K and I have discussed getting stairs for the different pieces of furniture for our little Weiner dogs. I know! Stairs! But everything I have read says that jumping is not good for their spines and it can cause back injuries. We may look into it a bit more, but I fear I am turning into one of those crazy dog ladies.
Who am I kidding? I was a crazy dog lady a long time ago. I just collected a husband along the way and turned him into the crazy dog man. :)
Anyway, we're back to twelve paws instead of sixteen, and as much as I love watching other dogs and getting to know them, I enjoy our little pack going back to normal-whatever that is. Isis's Mom phoned to tell me that Isis is moping in the back seat of the car. She has her ears back and is curled up in a ball ignoring them unless her mom pokes her. She is very upset that she was forced to leave her friends. I'm glad we could have that kind of an impact. :)
It's off to bed for this furry family.
Even though I'm not a football fan-it's a boring sport when you are blind lol-Happy Super Bole Sunday. :)


Amber DaWeenie said...

I am very glad to meet you. I come from a big pack....44 paws in all. And dat's a lot of paws! But we's all get along great! (Well, most of da times)

I'll be back to visit y'all again.

Jess and Glacier said...

44 paws?! Wow. :)
We're glad you stopped in. Please come back often. :)

Brooke, Phoenix, Cessna, Aspen & Canyon said...

Glad Isis had a good visit :) How old is Balloo now? Aspen can be a bit of a baby when something happens - she gets in trouble or one of the other dogs gets special treatment that she thought she should have gotten. She'll totally ignore the person who scolded her or who left her out and no matter how much you try to get her attention she'll turn her face away and refuse to look at you until she's over herself lol! The others aren't so babyish, but if they do hurt themselves you'll usually know because Cessna will actually scream and the boys will do an exaggerated limp or not stop licking the sore spot. We've thought about making stairs for the dogs to get up and off our bed and into and out of the truck, because it's also not good for them to be jumping so much, but we haven't lol! Take care for now, but wanted to share our baby Balloo stories :)

Jess and Glacier said...

Balloo will be six months on February 22.
Of course Aspen feels that way: she is a Golden princess. :) I miss her.