Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fighting The War Against Poop Armed with A Comb, Shampoo and Doggie Toothpaste

Originally today I was going to put up a photo recap of our trip yesterday to North Carolina, but since we're in the middle of moving out of The House from Hell, I can't seem to find the cord that goes from my camera to the computer. You know when you put something in a "safe place," but it usually turns out to be too safe? I think that is what happened here. So, if I ever find it, I'll get those up for your viewing pleasure. Instead, I am going to give you the recap of our very crazy morning.
It's just been one of those weeks. We have been without water three times since last Sunday and it is off right now-making it four times-because they are replacing the foot valve as we speak...whatever that is. I didn't know we were waterless until I called Mr. K from the road yesterday to ask him if he wanted to meet us for supper. He was irritated, and rightfully, so since it wasn't going to get turned back on until 6:30 this morning. We were both very excited about waking up so early on a Saturday. I'm not much of a sleeper in, but usually on Saturday I manage to sleep past eight. We both decided that the sacrificed sleep was worth being able to have a shower this morning. The Crazy Landlord Lady was planning on showing the place at noon and we figure that is the only reason she had the water fixed so quickly. I am so glad we're out of here on Friday.
We phoned one of our friends and asked him if he wanted to go for lunch so that we could get out of the house. It was a gorgeous day and we didn't really feel like sitting around while strangers wandered in and out. He agreed and came to pick us up. I was finishing my coffee and had fed the dogs and put them out so that the house could be shown without five, crazy fuzzy creatures running about. I eventually let Doc back in because he wouldn't stop jumping on the door and making a huge fuss. He is still getting used to the idea that we're his forever home and that we're not going to leave him. He happily hopped up in my lap while I fired off a few emails.
When our friend arrived, I let the dogs back inside. Roscoe came in first and distracted us from the others because he was so incredibly dirty! He is so dirty, his black coat is tinged brown. I never knew that was possible. He is shedding really heavily and I think he goes out and rolls to try to get the clumps of fur off. Mr. K couldn't bring him with us because he was so dirty. Guide dog handlers have a responsibility to have clean, well mannered dogs. If the dogs do not abide by these rules, managers and owners can ask us to leave. Owning and handling a guide dog is a privilege, not a right. We check Glacier and although he was stinky, he was good enough to go out in public. So, I started getting my shoes on. As I was pulling Glacier's harness down from its perch, Mr. K noticed that our bedroom smelled disgusting. Our friend went in and looked and discovered a brown stain on our comforter. At first we thought it was poop, but upon further examination of Balloo, we realised it was vomit. I have no idea what he got into, but whatever it was it made him throw up and was all over him. I think he must have been rolling in and eating crap. Yummy!
I immediately rushed him off to the bath tub and was able to wash him. Thankfully we had water, but I didn't notice Aria until we went to put her in her crate. She smells awful and still does because we don't have any water right now. She must have been eating it too, but I don't think she rolled in it because her lovely, long fur is clean. It was decided then and there, that as soon as the water comes back on, this place is going to turn into Jess's Puppy Spa. All of them, except Doc, could stand to have a bath and we bought a Furminator while we were out so I can help Roscoe out a little bit. The Furminator usually is super expensive, but they were on sale at Petsmart, so we decided to get one. They are a great tool if used properly and reduce shedding greatly. They are a grooming tool that removes the dog's under coat, which is what Roscoe is shedding right now. The only thing to be aware of when using one is that they have to be used gently. The blade is actually sharp and could leave lesions on the dog's skin if they are used with too much pressure. If you just lightly run the tool from the dog's head to bum, you can feel it catching and pulling out the loose fur. This is not the only tool that does this. Slicker brushes are even worse because they have those bent, wire teeth that can scratch and irritate your dog's skin. They are way cheaper and most people think they should use them, so I think injury to dogs' skin happens more frequently with Slicker brushes than Furminators. I personally love the Zoom Groom made by Kong because those brushes have no risk of scratching your dog's skin. The only problem with them is that they have to be used outside because they don't collect the fur like the Slicker brushes or Furminators do. The fur just falls off the dog in gigantic clumps and floats around; not good for indoor use. Well, there is my little digression for today's post. :) Back to my Furminator purchase. I've just never bought one before now because my bank book wouldn't have liked it.
So, once the water is back up and running, I am busting out my bathingsuit, the Furminator, doggie shampoo, their metal comb and as many towels as I can find-which might probe more difficult than normal because I've packed most of them away. The only thing I am worried about is that I make this huge effort and they will just get filthy before we move. Then again, the dirt I can handle, it is the pups who are walking around showing off their new Poop Perfume that I am more concerned with. :)


Amber DaWeenie said...

Poop Perfume....Maybe you could market that one.....(NOT). I have a few "eaters" here to. I think they think they're helping me clean up the yard...(Another NOT).

Good Luck to ya....Hope they stay clean for the big move!

Jen said...

Yuk! Bet the dogs had fun though.
I have a zoom groom and a furminator and use both, a lot!

Jess and Glacier said...

Oh you guys! It was so gross! Aria has since had her bath and is now a princess again, but for how long? I didn't even want to cuddle with her because she smelled so bad.LOL
Jen: I love those two brushes! They're fantastic.
Amber's Mom: I think it might be some kind of other animal poop or something because they usually don't bother with dog poop. Do you know why they eat poop? I've never been able to figure it out. I know dogs like horse crap because it has a sweet taste, but why other kinds of poop? LOL