Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Demonstration of the Brilliance of the Human Race

Gather around and let me tell you a story.It is a story about a man named Mr. K, his wife Jess, their friend and a woman who is a perfect specimen of human brilliance. (Notice the dripping sarcasm in my voice? Oh right. This the written language, you may have missed it).
Yesterday, after realising that three out of five of our fuzzies were beyond dirty, we had headed out to lunch and made a quick stop at Petsmart where I purchased the Furminator and a spray in conditioner for our long haired friends. Despite the stinky state our animals and consequently our house was in, we were all pretty cheery. We had enjoyed a good lunch out on a patio in the sunshine with great company. I was particularly chipper because Glacier had done really well both in Petsmart and the restaurant.
Upon arriving back at our car-yes, we have a car-I unharnessed Glacier and crawled into the back seat. Whenever I get into the back, Mr. K usually opens the door as wide as it can go because it is a two door and that gives me enough room to squeeze in. As I was settling in I heard a woman say in a very snarky voice:
"Can you get your car door off my car please!"
I was confused. Mr. K is very conscious of other cars because when he could see, he was a driver himself. That is why we have a car now: when he lost his sight he had a car and kept it. I think Mr. K was baffled as well because he said very politely, "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't know your car was there."
"Well, when it's your personal property..." She snapped back.
Mr. K then replied,
"I'm sorry. I am blind and didn't know your car was there. You don't need to be so rude." How did she not know he was blind? He was standing with his extremely tall white cane in his hand. Mr. K is six foot five and therefore his white cane is very tall! It's kind of hard to miss. I'm not sure what she said next because Mr. K started getting in the car. The next couple of sentences had a bit of swearing from both parties and basically translated into Mr. K explaining to her that she should check her facts before she started giving people crap; only a bit more strongly put. The interesting part was that neither of us heard his car door disengage itself from her car What was even more interesting is that as we drove away, she flipped him off. Okay, take a few seconds to think about it.
Did you figure it out? I'm sure you did because you are all much brighter than she was or is.
Mr. K had just finished telling her he was blind and she flips him off. This is a silent hand action. Most blind people can't hear someone giving them the finger, especially when in a moving vehicle. The only way we knew she had done that is because our friend, who was driving, told us. All we could do was laugh. What else can you do when a person is that ignorant and dense?


Amber DaWeenie said...

This was actually pretty hilarious the way you were writing it. I was thinking the exact same thing. Some people really need help I think, and she was definitely one of them. Doe-Doe Bird!!!

Jess and Glacier said...

I know right?! It was the flipping off at the end that really cemented her spot as the "idiot of the week." LOL

Jen said...

haha brilliant! Very funny.
6 ft 5? sweet jesus that's tall!!

Jess and Glacier said...

Lol I know. He is almost a foot taller than me.