Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And Chaos Ensues

A lot of what goes on in this house is normal to me, but I'm pretty sure a complete stranger, or non-dog person, would look twice. We have puppy stairs leaning up against one couch; there is a stainless steel bole in the kitchen for water; an entire shelf in our laundry room is taken over by glass puppy boles that say things like "hungry" and "princess;" there is a wood stand a friend's husband made for me that holds another two stainless steel boles in the laundry room; there are nylabones, sterilised beef bones, rubber squirrels, bone shaped Kongs and every other toy imaginable strewn about the living room floor. We have a toy box, which is just a cardboard box for now, that houses maybe one or two toys at a time. Aria feels it necessary to drag them all out if I have put them away. There are leashes of varying colour/material/lengths and working harnesses hanging from a shelf standing near the front door and if you open a certain cupboard in the kitchen, you will find doggie toothpaste, a purple Zoom Groom, a brown flat collar, ear cleaning solution, a cow bell that can be attached to a collar, a metal comb and flea and heart worm treatments. Does anyone else's houses look like this? Not to mention, the two places we have wee pads put out for our newest family member.
The funny thing is, I wouldn't have it any other way. We've learned to wear slippers or indoor shoes and drag our feet so that we don't step on pointy toys. We've learned that doggie toothpaste and Mom's coffee stays out of reach. And that doesn't mean on the kitchen table because both Aria and Balloo can get up there. Just this morning he stole a piece of bread off my plate when I went to correct Doc for chewing on one of our packed boxes. I'm just glad I was done with my breakfast by then. I was shocked. Balloo my little baby is stealing things? That used to be Aria's trick-she once stole my passport from the kitchen table and we discovered it a month later under a couch with teeth marks in the corner.
Sure there is the danger of a visitor stubbing a toe on a bone and of course they will leave with some colour of fur-white, chocolate, tan, black, yellow...take your pick. You also run the risk of being run over by bouncing, racing puppies if you sit on the couch. But come on now, you were in their way while they were trying to battle. And perhaps the house is a bit stinky if they all have been out running and rolling in the dirt, but that is what air fresheners are for. And really I love these guys and the companionship and comic relief they bring is worth the doggafied house. :)

What about you dog people out there? Sure our dogs have changed our lives, but how have they changed your houses? Or cars, or yards?


Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Haha, I love this post!
Our house is soo doggy styled.
We even have "drool rags" everywhere, due to the fact that we decided on a English Mastiff for a house pet.
And since I raise guide dog puppies - and the pup goes everywhere with me, if you were to go through my purse right now... you'd find 3/4 of it was all for my guide dog puppy I'm raising!

Rudy's Raiser

Jess and Glacier said...

LOL We definitely don't have drool rags, but I totally forgot the inside of my purse. Right now there are poop bags, a small denta stick for a puppy, a leash and a clicker for the little guys. :)
Good luck with Big Al

L^2 said...

Haha... love it! My old house used to be a lot more like what you describe, but my current place still sounds similar. In my little apartment I need things to be a bit more orderly than I kept them at my big old house just because we don't have as much room now. However, you can still find dog stuff in almost every room, harness, leash, booties, coat, and rolls of poop bags by the front door, and white, yellow or brown dog fur on everything (even though I've never let any of my dogs on the furniture and I'm a very diligent cleaner).
We have a purple plastic toy box, but it isn't left sitting out at dog-level all the time anymore, because Jack is like Aria - he likes to take every single thing out and leave it scattered everywhere. So, lately, I've just been picking out 4 or 5 toys for him to play with and then switching them every few days. That way I'm only navigating around a few things on the floor instead of the entire contents of the toy box. Plus, I think this helps keep his toys interesting for him - he acts like it's Christmas every time I switch a toy out for something different.
Like you, I have a cabinet in the kitchen where food, treats, grooming supplies, medications and other dog stuff is stored. I thought having only 1 dog would help cut down on the dog stuff everywhere (especially since I got rid of many unnecessary or worn-out things when Willow retired), but I still have a lot of stuff I acquired for previous dogs that I keep stored in various places, just in case I need it someday. :)

Jess and Glacier said...

LOL You cannot escape the fur! We have a robot vaccuum that runs every day and we still can't escape the fur.
I like the toy idea. I've read that a few times in different places that it keeps the toys interesting. I may start doing that. For interest sake and my feet sake. :)

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh I know what you're talking about. We have eleven little rescue dogs living here and the house has been remodeled for their convenience, not ours. My husband and I sit on the floor at night to watch television while the two sofas are filled with little furry bodies. As for people coming over....well, the dogs live here, they don't. So if they don't like living in Dogland, they know where the door is. Enough said!

All in all, I think you guys are doing a terrific job!

Jess and Glacier said...

LOL "they knwo where the door is." So true.
I didn't know you had rescue dogs. That is soooooo cool. We don't have a rescue, but it seems the dogs we did get were sort of rescued; Glacier and Roscoe excluded of course. :)

The Pawpower Pack said...

You just described my house! Glad to know we aren't the only ones. :)

Torie said...

Hey Jess. Finally finished reading your full blog, now catching up on newer posts.

In my room, there are two or three nylabones lying about, Ushi's bed, my harness, lead, collar for free running with bells, and reflective sam brown belt live on my bed post. I have a plastic bag with a whistle for her food, doggy tooth paste, a stuffed elephant, kong, halty, a sign that goes on her harness but doesn't stay on, a tug toy, a squeaky elephant used to get her attention, a small tin which was used before i had to cut her food back as she was gaining a bit too much weight, a plastic bottle for water if away some where, a dog tooth brush, and a bigger half check collar that i had on class (they weren't sure what size to get her as she is so small). I also have a pair of reflective arm bands, but they are crap. On my table where the computer sits is a zoom groom, comb, and food bowl with a tin in it for measuring out her food. I also have a room for her food alone, and her water bowl sits at the corner of my bedroom.

Down stairs live mums stuff for our pet dog. Wow that seems like quite a lot of stuff!

Plus there are always little hair parcils floating about lol. If someone comes to the house, they usually leave with a golden coat.