Monday, January 17, 2011

What's Up Doc?

Today our little girl is off to the vet for the Big Surgery. Aria is seven and a half months old and Mr. K and I have decided that we don't want any surprises. So, it's off to the vet for her. Balloo will go for his Big surgery at the beginning of March when he will be almost seven months old.
Mr. K and I had originally thought about studding him out since his colouring is so rare, but I think we're back to fixing him. He's a really great little guy with a fantastic temperament, but I'm not sure how I feel about having an unfixed dog in the house-regardless of how small he is.
Two of our friends have three unfixed dogs in their house and their bitch just went into heat and the other dogs are mad with hormones. The two males have to wear muzzles because they are constantly fighting. Now, Balloo would be the only unaltered dog in our household, but I am worried his little hound dog nose might catch a "girlie" scent and he may take himself for a walk. Our yard is fenced in, but these little Weiner dogs are quite innovative.So he too will be making a visit to the vet sooner than later.
Speaking of Mr. Balloo, he is teething. It's funny how you learn things as you go along. Aria was a trial and error for us, since we didn't know much about the breed, except for what we read on the internet. Now that we've gone through the process once, we know the signs. His breath stinks so bad! It's a kind of rotting puppy breath smell. So nasty and Balloo loves to give kisses-sometimes to the point where you can't breathe. I mean, dog breath stinks, but teething breath is worst. He's also putting more things in his mouth than usual. Neither him or Aria are big destroyers. They chew on their toys, but rarely do they chew vigorously enough to wreck something. Balloo is bound and determined to use his little needle chompers to go through his toys.
Thankfully, all of our toys are Glacier proof, as I have mentioned before Glacier is a crazy chewer, and we need to make sure the toys will withstand Glacier's jaws of steel. I've put a Nyla Dura-chew bone in the freezer in the hopes of the coolness giving Balloo some relief. (I think that is what the toy is called. I may have the name slightly wrong).
In other news, Glacier figured out how to use the Kong Wobbler. I put everyone else outside and gave Glacier his breakfast in the Wobbler and he loved it. At first, he had no idea what to do, but as he discovered that the toy would dispense food for him, he was all about it. If it got stuck in corners he would pick it up by its top and move it to another area-my dog is too smart for his own good, or maybe for my good. :)
As for Aria, keep your fingers and paws-or whatever appendages you may have-crossed that everything goes well. I'm sure she'll be fine, but surgery always made me a bit nervous.

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