Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On The Mends

Aria is now at home with us after her little visit to the vet yesterday. We dropped her off around 8:30 AM and brought her home around 4:00 PM. The poor little thing was so doped up that she was acting like a bobble head. She tried to jump up on the couch twice and just fell back on the floor with a little "thunk." She didn't really try after that and would wait for me or Mr. K to lift her up.
This morning she drank water and ate her breakfast, which is good. She didn't want any water last night. She also took herself out to "potty" twice this morning as well. I just made sure to put her coat on as miniature dachshaunds are temperature sensitive at the best of times and having surgery would make her even more so. She's a little trooper.
Balloo is so confused as to why his sister won't play with him and growls at him when he jumps on her. We have tried to minimise this behavior, but he still gets near her sometimes and is a bit too enthusiastic. I just keep telling him to wait until he has to go in.
This morning I sat on the couch and read my book with Aria and Balloo both tucked in with me. When I went off to make myself some breakfast, I fluffed the blankets around Aria, covered her up and tucked a teddybear in next to her. I'm such a mom! I was slightly horrified at my actions, but then reminded myself that these guys are my kids. lol Mr. K and I probably aren't having any and so Aria and Balloo are as close as we're going to get-so I will tuck her in with a teddybear if I want to. :)
Anyway, hopefully our spunky little "Fluffers" is feeling better soon.


Chelsea and Wilson said...

HI! Thanks for commenting on our blog, I'm always happy to hear from other weiner dog owners! And I hope your pup gets better =( I understand about the whole mummying beeznazz! I do it even if Wilson is a little under the weather, haha in fact I think anyone that blogs about their animals mother their anipals!

Jess and Glacier said...

Thanks for coming to check us out.
I think you're right. :) I've noticed I'm like that especially with these little guys.
Come back soon.