Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Jingle Bones, Jingle Bones, Jingle All The Way

My name is Awia-wait, big bwother Gwacier says it is spelled "Aria." Gwacier says I should write my Chwistmas wist on the computer so that Santa and Mom can see what I want. I am not wery good at typing, or spelling because I am onwy five months owd, but I hope Santa can wead this.

Dear Santa,
I have been a wery good girl this year. I gwaduated fwom puppy cwass with honours-whatever that means-and I am now potty twained. I just have a few things to ask for. Not all of them are for me. I am going to share with Bawwoo-wait, Gwacier says it is Balloo. He is onwy thwee months owd and can't type yet. So, I am writing his wist too because I wove him and I am his big sister.
I would weally wike a pink camo winter coat-it looks wery warm and I wike pink because I am a girl. Bawwoo, oops, Balloo and I would also wike some soft squeaky toys-Gwacier and Woscoe wipped our stuff hippo when they were pwaying tug of war. We both wike bouncy, squeaky balls and yummy cookies. I would wike a pink collar or maybe a Chwistmas collar-mine is just a leather bwown one and it is boring. I am a pwincess and need cwothes that are shinier. Balloo and I would also wike to share a treat ball. We are both wery small and could pway for a wong time chasing it around our wery big house. There is a puzzle toy that is a gingerbread house-whatever that is-with squeaky things in it. I saw it when Mom was on the "inter Net." Can I pwease have this? It would be fun to pway with puzzles. I am vewy smart and would wike toys that chawwenge my intewect. (Gwacier says that is spelled wrong. He says it is "challenge" and "intellect." I think he's wrong).
So, Santa. Can we pwease have these things? I will keep being a vewy good girl and Balloo will get better at potty twaining. He already wearned how to sit. That is good right?
Thank you wery much Santa.
All my wove,
Awia (oh, Aria) and Balloo

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