Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Waiting

Yesterday we saw a glimmer of hope-for a few short sweet minutes. One of Kyo's hip/elbow evaluations came back. He is listed as "fair" according to OFA, which means he shouldn't breed or be used as an agility dog or a police dog; basically nothing that requires a lot of jumping. That is fine because as a service dog, Kyo would not be leaping through hoops or launching himself at bad guys. The only roblem is that the woman who runs the service dog organisation wants to see the PEN Hip evaluation before making a decision. She said that "fair" is on the cusp and the PEN Hip should let her know if he will be ok or not.
I understand her hesitation and I appreciate her thoroughness. I would hope that guide dog shcools would be as meticulous, but it sucks when you are the one waiting holding your breath. She said that the other evaluation should arrive in the next fews days and we will know then.
All I can do is hope and pray that Kyo's hips check out and that he will be abe to move on to bigger and greater things.

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