Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Good Things Come to Those Who Wait"

So good news all around. It would appear that all of my worrying about Kyo's results was unnecessary. His joints/hips/elbows all check out and he will be joining the ranks of puppies in training. His training will start Tuesday and then he'll be in training for six weeks. After the six weeks, they will re-evaluate him and see if he should continue on. If he's doing well, then he will finish out the year and then hopefully be placed with a person. If he has too many issues they can't work through, then they will place him as a "companion" dog with a good family.
Of course I want him to make it all the way through and be some sort of service dog, but if he doesn't make it and is placed with a family I will still be quite happy. The organisation he is going to trains a variety of service dogs: mobility assistance dogs, Autism assistance dogs, seizure alert...Etc. I'm thinking that since he is so big, that he might do well as a Mobility assistance dog. Plus, I've already taught him to pick things up that I have dropped and bring them to me. He can even bring me a telephone.
I am so excited and a little sad all at the same time. I am ecstatic that he is going to a great place and will get the attention he needs. I am sad that he is leaving us, but that little bit of sadness is erased by the possibility of him becoming a working dog.


Brooke & Cessna said...

Congrats Kyo! Phoenix, Mommy and I want to send you are best wishes for a wonderful time in training :) Phoenix said to tell you that not every dog needs to be perfect when working so not to be too good or they might expect too much of you :) I don't agree though, I may push Mommy's buttons at times, but I'm always looking out for her best interest and am just trying to keep life interesting :)
Good luck again Kyo! Oh and Mommy said to tell Jess that we do read her blog and to keep writing!!
Cessna & Phoenix

Jess and Glacier said...

Hello cousins,
I will miss you because I will probably never come for visits again, but I will tell mommy how I am doing and she will let you know. I am very excited because they use food as rewards for being good, so I may not be able help but to be perfect. I get a food treat just for sitting! I am definitely going to the right place. :)
Kyo (AKA Moose).