Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Lot in Life is to Travel

So, it's finally happened-my little 1 bedroom apartment is all packed up and I have moved on. :)
I wrote my last massage therapy exam on Monday and made the long 9 hour drive back up to my home town. I'm going to be spending the next month or so preparing for my board exams and enjoying my time off. I'm also going to be using that time to work more with Kyo. He's learned a lot in the last three months and it would be neat to see what kind of progress we can make with him with some one on one attention for an entire month. My fiance has bought a DVD and an audio book that is used by the Dog Whisperer and we're going to give that a whirl.
Kyo can sit, down and stay (usually), but he doesn't heel so well and he is a bit too aggressive when he plays with Glacier. He's not like that with other dogs-he can go to the dog park and play with 10 dogs and never put his teeth on them, but with Glacier he uses them all of the time. So, that is definitely something we have to work with him on. Glacier is my guide dog and therefore takes priority over Kyo. Glacier needs to be comfortable and safe to ensure he can work to the best of his abilities. Not to mention, I don't like any dog to be bullied. Anyway, this wasn't supposed to turn into a ramble about Kyo again...
The point was to simply state that I've closed a chapter in my life and am waiting for many more to start. Sometimes when things change so drastically a person may mourn for that other time-I sure did when I graduated from university and when I stopped swimming-but I don't think this will be the case with the last 18 months of my life. It was more of a transition period and I'm glad to be moving on. There were some really neat things about going to massage therapy college and living in Cambridge, but I never put any roots down and I really don't feel particularly sad about moving away. In fact, I'm quite glad. :) I had nothing but problems with the three apartments I rented in the 2 years I was in the city and other than the dog bakery woman, i really wasn't close to anyone. I had one classmate that I would do things with, but she was going to school and working, so she was usually too busy or tired to do anything. I'll miss her, but that is about it.
Needless to say, I'm excited for whatever may be coming my way. (The boys are happy to be home too. Glacier and Roscoe keep playing "tug of war" with a squeaky stuffed duck they have). My fiance is visiting me at my parents' place and there is so much more room for the boys here-they are much happier. The only thing that worries me is that Kyo seems to think that chasing and "singing to" the cats is a good idea. We'll definitely have to teach him that kitties are friends not food.

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