Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Goofy Boy

Have you ever just had one of those days? It’s like this heavy gloom hangs over you and you just can’t shake it. Today sort of started out that way.
There are many times in the day when Glacier makes me laugh. Even when I’m grumpy he can usually make me smile. Today was our second day of massage college and I was a bit frustrated by people’s attitudes. One administrative woman decided that when I took Glacier out an administration member should come out with me so they could “clean up after him.” She assumed that I couldn’t pick up after my dog. If she only knew that Leader Dogs does not let you graduate unless you are completely capable of cleaning up. I informed her of this and she backed off, but was quite insistent that I should bring the full bag into the school and someone would take it out back where the garbage can resides. I informed her that if someone showed me where the can was I would be able to complete this task on my own, but she was adamant that I should not be on “those stairs.” What fucking planet does she think I live on that there are no stairs?!
I was quite perturbed by that and a few other ignorant comments that people made, so by the time I got home I was feeling kind of cranky. But sure enough, as soon as Glacier’s harness came off he had me cracking up. As soon as he was released, he galloped up and down the main hall of my apartment carrying around this giant, purple, rubber squirrel he has. It’s one of the only toys he hasn’t managed to destroy. He kept flipping it out of his mouth into the air and catching it. After he had tired of this game, he thought it was a fantastic idea to give me his nyla bone to hold while he chewed it. After rough housing a bit with him, I started making my supper and got his ready for him as well. Half way through this process, he loudly demanded I take him out and then instead of peeing he grabbed a stick that was taller than me and proceeded to try to carry it back up stairs. I finally managed to stop laughing long enough to remove the humongous branch from his jaws. When I returned him to his relieving area, he found another branch-not as big as the first one-and plunked himself down with every intention to chew it into a million pieces. Whoever told dogs that chewing wood was a good idea? Needless to say, my big goofy dog-who is now curled up on a bright pink Disney Princess blanket he confiscated from the couch-definitely turns a bad day into a good one.


L^2 said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough day - some people are just really clueless, aren't they?
I'm glad Glacier was there to cheer you up. Happy to hear he is taking good care of you. Give him a hug from me, Willow and Stella.

Jess and Glacier said...

Hey girls,
Thanks! He really is a great dog. A little stubborn at times, but we'll work on that. :)