Monday, May 12, 2008

Missing My Girl

So Jetta has been gone for almost 24 hours exactly and it is definitely not the same without her. This morning Dyan asked me if I wanted to go for breakfast and since she had to leave for work right after, I had to make sure Christena or Carmen were coming so that I had some way to get home. I also have an appointment with a doctor this afternoon to get my Guide Dog application physical Health form filled ot and I had to co-ordinate my appointment with one of my roommates to make sure I could get there. I really do rely on Jetta because I don't trust my cane travel. I'm sure if worse came to worse I could use a cane to get somewhere, but I just can't bring myself to endure that much stress. Fortunately for me, my roommates are pretty understanding and don't mind helping me in situations like this-since it doesn't happen very often. Tomorrow my coach is picking me up for swim practice in the morning since I can't get there without Jetta. It's interesting how large their role really is in your life. Last night before I went to bed, I went to grab her leash to take her out, but neither Jetta nor her leash are here. Oh well, only thirteen more days and I'll get her back.
It's kind of strange as well because I just opened the door to get a package Swimming Canada sent me and she wasn't here rushing to see who was here. I reached down out of habit to grab a collar, but there was no dog to stop. I better go open this package and figure out what time we're leaving Wednesday for Germany-they finally sent us our airplane tickets.
PS: For those of you I haven't talked to in a while, the above reference to the Guide dog application means that I am retiring Jetta at the end of the summer. Recently she's been slowing down when working and I think she's telling me she's done. I will explain that more in another post.


Anonymous said...

i guess this is "retire" your dog time of year, luther will be done after this summer also, im probably going to california in October for round 2.
You never think of retirement when you first get your dog, at least I didn't. Talk about a difficult thing to go through.

Jess and Jetta said...

You're right-It sort of crossed my mind when I first got her, but it wasn't a pressing issue. And I obviously couldn't know how I would feel about it. But she's done me proud and worked hard and I think she deserves to retire. I don't want to force her when she's not passionate about it anymore. Funny thing is Luther is older than Jetta. It makes me sad I couldn't have a few more years with her, but I guess that is what happens when your dog endures six years of university and flying around the world. It's too bad we aren't going to the same school-I've applied for an October class as well.

Anonymous said...

I have not "applied" yet, cause I know when I do there is no going back. I've been told that a spot is mine in that class if i want it.

Either way, once the decision is made there is no going back so just procrastinating...

Carin said...

Hi there Jess. It's Carin Headrick. I found you through a tangled web of blogs, so here I am. Woe, I was just thinking about your wild child the other day and how she chased Luther all over our apartment. That wild child is retiring! Holy batshit wow!

In case you didn't know, I have my own woof, have had her for about a year.

Good luck with swimming.