Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tasty treat

I just thought I would share...
There is a girl in my class, and I won't name her here because I have not asked her if I can name her, but she works at a pet store as well as going to school. She is a huge dog person just like me and she often comes over and brings treats for Jetta. There is a certain kind made by Natural Choice that Jetta has totally fallen in love with. I am going to put the URL up in this post and you can copy and paste it into your web browser and see if your wuffers enjoy it as much as Jetta. They are a wet food in a can, but they are a dessert-there is pumpkin crumble, carrot cake and such things. I try not to give them to Jetta all of the time of course, but every once in a while they are a good meal supplement or even just a treat.

So happy searching and I hope your dogs will be just as excited as Jetta. :)

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