Saturday, October 27, 2007

"We did the Monster Mash"

Today is our annual Halloween party-well it happened last year and it is happening this year. This will be the last Halloween we all have together, so I think it's kind of special. We have about fifteen or so people coming and about seven dogs. Jetta was going to be a My Little Pony, but the coloured hair spray we bought beaded on her oily coat. Well, actually, her little friend Cessna tested it out and it beaded on her coat and barely showed up. So now they are both going to be wizards. Huib, Brooke's husband, made the two dogs capes out of some blue material that has silver stars on it. Then Brooke and I constructed hats out of left over material, ribbon, glue, duct tape, staples and dollar store party hats. They are sooooo cute! If I get pictures I'll have to put them up on my photobucket. Cessna's friend, Endora-a yellow lab-is going to be a witch. We made her hat the same as the other two girls' but hers has black felt and blue-silver dots made with fabric paint. Tenie also drew a huge spider on her black cape with the fabric paint. Brooke and Lynette-Endora's and Cessna's handlers-are going to be Christmas elves. So, Brooke and I had the tedious task of stringing the bells onto the ribbons that she had previously sewn on to the red shirts they will be wearing. It took us about 45 minutes to get just ten bells on each shirt.
Tenie, Carmen and I are going to be, erm, pretty riske ones if you ask me, but it's Halloween. It will be fun. We've already painted our nails "blood red" last night. This morning I put a bunch of rubber gloves filled with water into the freezer. This way, we will have hand shaped ice cubes for the punch. Speaking of the punch, that still needs to be made. It will also be blood red" and we have to bake one of our friends a birthday cake. Her birthday was yesterday and so, we said our party could be a kind of birthday party for her as well.
I baked chocolate chip cookies on Thursday and Tenie picked up chips and a pumpkin on Wednesday. Most of the decorations are up-except the cob webbing that we will hang all over the house. Since our house is a century house-which I have mentioned numourous times before-it is the perfect place for a Halloween party.
We've asked people to bring munchies with them because we are students and really can't afford to feed everybody. So, one of my friends is bringing these amazing peanut butter marsh mellow squares. They are so good! He doesn't have a costume yet, so I think we should dress him with a sheet for a cape, a cloth napkin on his head, an apron around his waist and he can be Captain Linen. (See post about Jason's wedding. He was the same guy who we called Captain Underpants). It seems fitting.
I was a little worried at first that no one would come because it seemed everyone I invited, had already made other plans. But now, it seems we may actually have a very good turn out. carmen is a bit disappointed though because her brother said he was coming, but now decided he's not. She was pretty sad last night, so I bought her a bag of salt and vinegar chips she could have to herself. They're her favourite. :)
Anyway, I guess I should stop blabbing away and start getting other things ready-we still have to help Christena's cousin go get a costume, bake a cake, clean, finish decorating, make punch and get ready. I am sure something else will pop up in there that will need to get done.
So, the next time I am bac, perhaps I will have ghoulish tales for you.

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L^2 said...

Wow, it sounds like you're planning quite a party! Hope it's tons of fun. Willow and Stella wish they could be there, but they wouldn't be so thrilled about having to wear a costume. Happy (early) Halloween!