Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yay. It’s finally here! It’s Halloween…but unfortunately I have night class tonight. I think I will miss most of the kids. So that kind of sucks. But Jetta will be going to class dressed up. She is a wizard and wore her costume to class this afternoon. Then we stopped by Accessible Learning where a few people gave her dog cookies. They were all thrilled that she came trick or treating. I must admit, it was pretty damn cute. I only made her wear her hat when people were giving her cookies though because otherwise, she probably would have been so mad at me that she would have walked me into walls. Lol
Anyway, I must get going-I have potatoes boiling on the stove to make mashed potatoes. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween!

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L^2 said...

Happy Halloween girls! Willow and Stella are wearing bandannas, but that is the extent of their dressing up.