Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A leafy ramble

So it seems that fall has finally decided to arrive. The weather has been so confused lately that it's actually kind of scary. Just two days ago it was 30 degrees C and that is not normal for October at all! But today as I made my way to the pool at 6:30, I actually had to wear a jacket and socks with running shoes. By the time Jetta and I arrived at the pool, my fingers were stiff from the cold, but I am not complaining. I like the fall. So does Jetta.
I think it is one of my favourite seasons-although I am sure I say that about every season when it first starts. Fall is just a great time of year because it's cool enough to walk places without sweating one's ass off and not wade through thigh high snow drifts. I think Jetta likes it too because she doesn't over heat and she doesn't have to wear her winter boots. (She hates those things)!
The air also smells so much cleaner. I doubt it actually is, but it's crisper and fills the lungs without suffocating the breather. I also love listening to Jetta's little paws crunching through the leaves. It is the cutest noise. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud when she trots through a particularly deep pile of leaves. It sounds like she is swishing the leaves out of her way as she walks. Since I can't see her movements, the noise of her trampling down the leaves also gives me an insight to the way she walks. It's a simple pleasure that not many people could appreciate. Most people can see their animals motions, band probably don't even realise how interesting those movements are to others who normally can't see them.
Fall also means Halloween, which is one of my favourite celebrations. I think I have said before that our house is a century house and that it is the perfect building to decorate for Halloween. We're having our Halloween party this year of course and that is exciting.
I've also learned to appreciate the taste of pumpkin now that I am older and pumpkins are in higher surplus in fall than any other time of the year. We made pumpkin pie for our Thanksgiving supper and it was sooooooo tasty! We always get pumpkins for Halloween too and carve them. So, I guess that is another reason to appreciate fall.
I'm sure by the end of November I'll be wanting winter to arrive, but as of right now, I am satisfied with scuttling dried leaves and fresh, crisp air-oh and pumpkins too. :)


L^2 said...

Awww... what a nice post! Glad to hear you girls are doing well. The leaves aren't falling here yet, but I know exactly the sound you are talking about. Too cute! :-)

Laura, Willow, and Stella

Brittany said...

I love you blog! do you mind if I link to it?

Jess and Jetta said...

Hi everyone,
No link away. I have no issues-maybe more people will actually read it and I'll actually start writing more. lol
Tell the girls Jetta and I send early "happy Halloween" hugs. And I hope your leaves start falling soon. :)